Minitek127 Connector System

Minitek127™ Connector System

Amphenol FCI

This tutorial will provide information about FCI’s 1.27mm pitch modular connector system along with its applications as well as the features and benefits of the FCI product portfolio.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingContact TypeConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
20021121-00010C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS DL UNSHRD SMD20021121-00010C4LFCONN HEADER 10POS DL UNSHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Unshrouded57278 - Immediate
20021121-00010C4LF product page link
20021321-00010C4LF datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 10POS DUAL SMD20021321-00010C4LFCONN RECEPT 10POS DUAL SMDCut Tape (CT)ReceptacleFemale Socket13730 - Immediate
20021321-00010C4LF product page link
20021121-00020C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS DL UNSHRD SMD20021121-00020C4LFCONN HEADER 20POS DL UNSHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Unshrouded2140 - Immediate
20021121-00020C4LF product page link
20021321-00008C4LF datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 8POS DUAL SMD20021321-00008C4LFCONN RECEPT 8POS DUAL SMDCut Tape (CT)ReceptacleFemale Socket3499 - Immediate
20021321-00008C4LF product page link
20021121-00012C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 12POS DL UNSHRD SMD20021121-00012C4LFCONN HEADER 12POS DL UNSHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Unshrouded3054 - Immediate
20021121-00012C4LF product page link
20021221-00010C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 10POS DUAL SHRD SMD20021221-00010C4LFCONN HEADER 10POS DUAL SHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Shrouded3725 - Immediate
20021221-00010C4LF product page link
20021121-00016C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 16POS DL UNSHRD SMD20021121-00016C4LFCONN HEADER 16POS DL UNSHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Unshrouded9073 - Immediate
20021121-00016C4LF product page link
20021221-00020C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 20POS DUAL SHRD SMD20021221-00020C4LFCONN HEADER 20POS DUAL SHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Shrouded1508 - Immediate
20021221-00020C4LF product page link
20021221-00006C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 6POS DUAL SHRD SMD20021221-00006C4LFCONN HEADER 6POS DUAL SHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Shrouded852 - Immediate
20021221-00006C4LF product page link
20021221-00012C4LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 12POS DUAL SHRD SMD20021221-00012C4LFCONN HEADER 12POS DUAL SHRD SMDCut Tape (CT)Male PinHeader, Shrouded983 - Immediate
20021221-00012C4LF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-12