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This tutorial will overview the main features of this new brand in the electronic connector industry. It will also explain how to find additional information on FCI’s I/O connections website.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
54602-908LFCONN MOD JACK 8P8C R/A UNSHLDBulk37270 - Immediate
87520-0010BLFCONN RCPT USB TYPE A R/A PCBTube18986 - Immediate
73725-0110BLFCONN RCPT USB TYPE A FLAG PCBTube16677 - Immediate
61729-0010BLFCONN RCPT USB TYPE B R/A PCBTube10787 - Immediate
61729-1010BLFUSB RCPT B-TYPE R/A FULL BACKTube6336 - Immediate
72309-8034BLFCONN RCPT USB TYPE A R/A DUALTube80404 - Immediate
10018182-001LFCONN RECEPT SAS 29POS VERT PCBTray7783 - Immediate
10031569-001LFCONN RCPT SATA 22POS R/A SMDTray5434 - Immediate
10034524-001LFCONN PLUG SAS 29POS RT ANG SMDTray1775 - Immediate
10029364-001LFCONN RCPT SATA 22POS R/A SMDTray2904 - Immediate
10029065-001LFCONN RCPT SATA 22POS VERT SMDTray2799 - Immediate
10017660-001LFCONN RCPT SATA 22POS VERT PCBTray1636 - Immediate
10036587-001LFCONN RECEPT SAS 29POS RT ANG SMDTray2446 - Immediate
10031567-001LFCONN RECEPT SAS 29POS VERT SMDTray3225 - Immediate
7431E0225S01LFCONN SMART CARD PUSH-PULL R/ATray382 - Immediate
74233-102LFCONN PLUG USB POWER TYPE ATray902 - Immediate
10033853-052FSLFCONN SODIMM DDR2 200POS R/A SMDTray1983 - Immediate
10029449-002TLFCONN RCPT HDMI W/FLANGE R/A SMDTray5539 - Immediate
87547-4111LFCONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT UNSHLDTape & Reel (TR)2100 - Immediate
87547-4111LFCONN MOD JACK 8P8C VERT UNSHLDCut Tape (CT)2226 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-12