Rivets and Hardware

Essentra Components

This tutorial will cover the general features of rivets, typical markets and applications, what types rivets there are and present other hardware options available.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BR2-226-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.226 1000 PCSBR2-226-01BARBED FASTENR 0.226 1000 PCS0BR2-226-01 product page link
BR1-226-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.226 1000 PCSBR1-226-01BARBED FASTENR 0.226 1000 PCS0BR1-226-01 product page link
BR2-344-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.344 1000 PCSBR2-344-01BARBED FASTENR 0.344 1000 PCS0BR2-344-01 product page link
BR2-488-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.488 1000 PCSBR2-488-01BARBED FASTENR 0.488 1000 PCS0BR2-488-01 product page link
BR1-488-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.488 1000 PCSBR1-488-01BARBED FASTENR 0.488 1000 PCS0BR1-488-01 product page link
BR2-768-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.768 1000 PCSBR2-768-01BARBED FASTENR 0.768 1000 PCS0BR2-768-01 product page link
BR1-768-01 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENR 0.768 1000 PCSBR1-768-01BARBED FASTENR 0.768 1000 PCS0BR1-768-01 product page link
DF-137-031 datasheet linkMOUNTING BUTTON 0.590 ACETAL WHTDF-137-031MOUNTING BUTTON 0.590 ACETAL WHT0DF-137-031 product page link
DFVO-137-020 datasheet linkMOUNTING BUTTON 0.551" NYLN NRTLDFVO-137-020MOUNTING BUTTON 0.551" NYLN NRTL0DFVO-137-020 product page link
DF-137-050 datasheet linkMOUNTING BUTTON 0.748 ACETAL WHTDF-137-050MOUNTING BUTTON 0.748 ACETAL WHT0DF-137-050 product page link
BPF-F2495 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENER 0.571" NYLON BLKBPF-F2495BARBED FASTENER 0.571" NYLON BLK0BPF-F2495 product page link
BPF-A414 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENER 0.482" NYLON BLKBPF-A414BARBED FASTENER 0.482" NYLON BLK0BPF-A414 product page link
DF-137-060 datasheet linkMOUNTING BUTTON 0.689 ACETAL WHTDF-137-060MOUNTING BUTTON 0.689 ACETAL WHT0DF-137-060 product page link
BPF-F1G12 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENER 0.972" NYLON BLKBPF-F1G12BARBED FASTENER 0.972" NYLON BLK0BPF-F1G12 product page link
BPF-F3T31 datasheet linkBARBED FASTENER 0.832" NYLON BLKBPF-F3T31BARBED FASTENER 0.832" NYLON BLK0BPF-F3T31 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-26