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This tutorial provides an introduction to Richco spacers, holders, and light pipes and discusses typical markets and applications for them.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LEDS2E-4-01 datasheet linkT-1 3/4 LED SPACER 1/4"LEDS2E-4-01T-1 3/4 LED SPACER 1/4"25710 - Immediate
LEDS2E-4-01 product page link
LEDS2E-8-01 datasheet linkT-1 3/4 LED SPACER 1/2"LEDS2E-8-01T-1 3/4 LED SPACER 1/2"13077 - Immediate
LEDS2E-8-01 product page link
LEDS2-6-26 datasheet linkLED SPACER FOR T-1 3/8 X 3/16"LEDS2-6-26LED SPACER FOR T-1 3/8 X 3/16"14929 - Immediate
LEDS2-6-26 product page link
LEDS2-8-26 datasheet linkLED SPACER FOR T-1 1/2 X 3/16"LEDS2-8-26LED SPACER FOR T-1 1/2 X 3/16"1518 - Immediate
LEDS2-8-26 product page link
LEDS1E-3-01 datasheet linkT-1 LED SPACER 3/16"LEDS1E-3-01T-1 LED SPACER 3/16"17781 - Immediate
LEDS1E-3-01 product page link
LEDS1E-4-01 datasheet linkT-1 LED SPACER 1/4"LEDS1E-4-01T-1 LED SPACER 1/4"7125 - Immediate
LEDS1E-4-01 product page link
LEDS2E-3-01 datasheet linkT-1 3/4 LED SPACER 3/16"LEDS2E-3-01T-1 3/4 LED SPACER 3/16"7889 - Immediate
LEDS2E-3-01 product page link
LEDS2E-10-01 datasheet linkT-1 3/4 LED SPACER 5/8"LEDS2E-10-01T-1 3/4 LED SPACER 5/8"1917 - Immediate
LEDS2E-10-01 product page link
LEDS2M-460-01 datasheet linkLED SPACER MOLDED (T1 3/4) .460"LEDS2M-460-01LED SPACER MOLDED (T1 3/4) .460"1492 - Immediate
LEDS2M-460-01 product page link
LEDS1E-12-01 datasheet linkT-1 LED SPACER 3/4"LEDS1E-12-01T-1 LED SPACER 3/4"27711 - Immediate
LEDS1E-12-01 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-19