SAW Filters

SAW Filters


This tutorial provides examples of SAW filters, shows common SAW filter modules, and compares SAW filters to common LC filters.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
B39921B3588U410W9 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 915MHZ REMOTE SMDB39921B3588U410W9FILTER SAW 915MHZ REMOTE SMD69964 - Immediate
B39921B3588U410W9 product page link
B39162B3520U410 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 1.57542GHZ GPS SMDB39162B3520U410FILTER SAW 1.57542GHZ GPS SMD23560 - Immediate
B39162B3520U410 product page link
B39401B3742H110 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 400MHZ SMDB39401B3742H110FILTER SAW 400MHZ SMD9649 - Immediate
B39401B3742H110 product page link
B39321B3761Z810W3 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 315MHZ REMOTE SMDB39321B3761Z810W3FILTER SAW 315MHZ REMOTE SMD12497 - Immediate
B39321B3761Z810W3 product page link
B39431B3760Z810 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 433.92MHZ REMOTE SMDB39431B3760Z810FILTER SAW 433.92MHZ REMOTE SMD3603 - Immediate
B39431B3760Z810 product page link
B39431R960H110 datasheet linkSAW RES 433.9200MHZ SMDB39431R960H110SAW RES 433.9200MHZ SMD16850 - Immediate
B39431R960H110 product page link
B39162B4060U810 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 1.57542 GHZ GPS SMDB39162B4060U810FILTER SAW 1.57542 GHZ GPS SMD4699 - Immediate
B39162B4060U810 product page link
B39871B3716U410 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 869MHZ REMOTE SMDB39871B3716U410FILTER SAW 869MHZ REMOTE SMD6819 - Immediate
B39871B3716U410 product page link
B39321B3731H110 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 315MHZ QUARTZ SMDB39321B3731H110FILTER SAW 315MHZ QUARTZ SMD6014 - Immediate
B39321B3731H110 product page link
B39321B3711U410 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 315MHZ REMOTE SMDB39321B3711U410FILTER SAW 315MHZ REMOTE SMD7852 - Immediate
B39321B3711U410 product page link
B39431R980U410 datasheet linkSAW RES 433.9200MHZ SMDB39431R980U410SAW RES 433.9200MHZ SMD140 - Immediate
B39431R980U410 product page link
B39321R981U410 datasheet linkSAW RES 315.0000MHZ SMDB39321R981U410SAW RES 315.0000MHZ SMD57 - Immediate
B39321R981U410 product page link
B39431B3732H110 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 433.92MHZ SMDB39431B3732H110FILTER SAW 433.92MHZ SMD0B39431B3732H110 product page link
B39252B4041U410 datasheet linkFILTER SAW 2.4485 GHZ MOBILE SMDB39252B4041U410FILTER SAW 2.4485 GHZ MOBILE SMD0B39252B4041U410 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-27