Paralleling eGaN FETs

Paralleling eGaN® FETs


This presentation will detail the work EPC has done to make it as easy as possible to use eGaN FETs in power conversion applications where more than one device working in parallel is needed to meet the output power requirements. These challenges will be presented and recommendations made to ensure the best performance from a paralleled switch converter. The discussion will focus on a single gate driver per switch and the half bridge topology.
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EPC2015 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 40V 33A BUMPED DIEEPC2015TRANS GAN 40V 33A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)3894 - Immediate
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EPC2001 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 100V 25A BUMPED DIEEPC2001TRANS GAN 100V 25A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)15496 - Immediate
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EPC2014 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 40V 10A BUMPED DIEEPC2014TRANS GAN 40V 10A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)8796 - Immediate
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EPC2012 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 200V 3A BUMPED DIEEPC2012TRANS GAN 200V 3A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)861 - Immediate
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EPC2010 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 200V 12A BUMPED DIEEPC2010TRANS GAN 200V 12A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)274 - Immediate
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EPC2007 datasheet linkTRANS GAN 100V 6A BUMPED DIEEPC2007TRANS GAN 100V 6A BUMPED DIEN-ChannelGaNFET (Gallium Nitride)0EPC2007 product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-04-26