Monolithic Crystal Filters


This training module reviews terminology and parameters specified for crystal filters, introduces ECS Crystal Filters, and discusses available packaging options.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFrequencyImpedanceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ECS-75SMF45A7.5BMONO CRYST FILTER 3.75KHZ BW SMDCut Tape (CT)45MHz Center350 Ohm1124 - Immediate
ECS-21K-15AMONO CRYST FILTER 25KHZ 2POLEBulk21.4MHz Center1.5 kOhm929 - Immediate
ECS-10.7-30BMONO CRYST FILTER 50KHZ 4P 2PCBulk10.7MHz Center5.5 kOhm279 - Immediate
ECS-10.7-30AMONO CRYST FILTER 50KHZ 2POLEBulk10.7MHz Center5 kOhm168 - Immediate
ECS-10.7-7.5AMONO CRYST FILTER 12.5KHZ 2POLEBulk10.7MHz Center1.8 kOhm537 - Immediate
ECS-10.7-15BMONO CRYST FILTER 25KHZ 4P 2PCBulk10.7MHz Center3 kOhm937 - Immediate
ECS-21K-15BMONO CRYST FILTER 25KHZ 4P 2PCBulk21.4MHz Center1.5 kOhm2059 - Immediate
ECS-10.7-7.5BMONO CRYST FILTER 12.5KHZ 4P 2PCBulk10.7MHz Center1.8 kOhm389 - Immediate
ECS-75SMF45A30BMONO CRYST FILTER 15KHZ BW SMDCut Tape (CT)45MHz Center1 kOhm881 - Immediate
ECS-21K-30AMONO CRYST FILTER 50KHZ 2POLEBulk21.4MHz Center1.5 kOhm569 - Immediate
ECS-21K-30BMONO CRYST FILTER 50KHZ 4P 2PCBulk21.4MHz Center1.8 kOhm1400 - Immediate
ECS-38SMF45A30MONO CRYST FILTER 15KHZ BW SMDCut Tape (CT)45MHz Center1.1 kOhm0
ECS-10.7-15AMONO CRYST FILTER 25KHZ 2POLEBulk10.7MHz Center3 kOhm884 - Immediate
ECS-21K-7.5AMONO CRYST FILTER 12.5KHZ 2POLEBulk21.4MHz Center1.5 kOhm99 - Immediate
ECS-21K-7.5BMONO CRYST FILTER 12.5KHZ 4P 2PCBulk21.4MHz Center850 Ohm0
ECS-38SMF45A15MONO CRYST FILTER 7.5KHZ BW SMDCut Tape (CT)45MHz Center560 Ohm0
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-28