Miniature CSM-3X and HC-46X Series Crystals


These crystals are a reliable, cost effective and miniature crystal solution for all frequency control needs. The next few slides will cover the highlights of these exciting new products from ECS Inc. International.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ECS-160-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-160-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD42252 - Immediate
ECS-160-20-3X-TR product page link
ECS-250-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-250-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 20PF SMD31011 - Immediate
ECS-250-20-3X-TR product page link
ECS-120-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-120-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 12.0000MHZ 20PF SMD23106 - Immediate
ECS-120-20-3X-TR product page link
ECS-147.4-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMDECS-147.4-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD6922 - Immediate
ECS-147.4-20-3X-TR product page link
ECS-160-20-3X-EN-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-160-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 20PF SMD32581 - Immediate
ECS-160-20-3X-EN-TR product page link
ECS-122.8-20-3X-EN-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMDECS-122.8-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD10288 - Immediate
ECS-122.8-20-3X-EN-TR product page link
ECS-147.4-20-3X-EN-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMDECS-147.4-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 14.7456MHZ 20PF SMD6954 - Immediate
ECS-147.4-20-3X-EN-TR product page link
ECS-200-20-3X-EN-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMDECS-200-20-3X-EN-TRCRYSTAL 20.0000MHZ 20PF SMD9628 - Immediate
ECS-200-20-3X-EN-TR product page link
ECS-135.6-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMDECS-135.6-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 13.5600MHZ 20PF SMD4618 - Immediate
ECS-135.6-20-3X-TR product page link
ECS-122.8-20-3X-TR datasheet linkCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMDECS-122.8-20-3X-TRCRYSTAL 12.2880MHZ 20PF SMD2561 - Immediate
ECS-122.8-20-3X-TR product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-25