Power Switches

Power Switch Overview


This tutorial will discuss many of the basic elements of a power switch including the definition of a power switch, resistive loads and inductive loads, the most common poles and throws, environmental ratings, types and styles of illumination, termination options, agency approvals, temperature range, life cycles, and the most common types of power switches.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
KS-01Q-01SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.01A 35VBulk8385 - Immediate
EG2315SWITCH SLIDE DP3T 200MA 30VBulk21845 - Immediate
EG1213SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 200MA 30VBulk17791 - Immediate
12000 - Factory Stock
EG1201SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 200MA 30VBulk11696 - Immediate
EG1218SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 200MA 30VBulk9973 - Immediate
EG1257SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 4VTape & Reel (TR)9900 - Immediate
EG1257SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 4VCut Tape (CT)11257 - Immediate
EG1257SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 4VDigi-Reel®11257 - Immediate
EG1271ASWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 30VBulk10958 - Immediate
EG2211SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 200MA 30VBulk19882 - Immediate
EG1270SWITCH SLIDE SPDT 300MA 6VBulk12925 - Immediate
EG2207SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 200MA 30VBulk12214 - Immediate
EG2208SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 200MA 30VBulk5201 - Immediate
TS0101F020PSW MINI SNAP ACTION .3A VERT 6VBulk10514 - Immediate
EG2301ASWITCH SLIDE DP3T 200MA 30VBulk1338 - Immediate
EG2305SWITCH SLIDE DP3T 200MA 30VBulk1980 - Immediate
RR511D1121SWITCH ROCKER SPST 20A 125VBulk9592 - Immediate
EG2209ASWITCH SLIDE DPDT 100MA 12VBulk11559 - Immediate
JN2UOANAGXSWITCH PUSH DPDT 0.1A 30VBulk9095 - Immediate
R1966ABLKBLKFSSWITCH ROCKER SPST 15A 125VBulk2906 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-11