Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR®)

Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR®)

Diodes Incorporated

This tutorial provides an introduction to the SBR technology, along with an overview of the current SBR product line and typical applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SBR05M60BLP-7 datasheet linkRECTIFIER SBR 60V 500MA 4-DFNSBR05M60BLP-7RECTIFIER SBR 60V 500MA 4-DFN13073 - Immediate
6000 - Factory Stock
SBR05M60BLP-7 product page link
SBR05U20SN-7 datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 20V 250MA SC59-3SBR05U20SN-7DIODE ARRAY SBR 20V 250MA SC59-33336 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
SBR05U20SN-7 product page link
SBR10200CTB-13-G datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A D2PAKSBR10200CTB-13-GDIODE ARRAY SBR 200V 5A D2PAK2201 - Immediate
3200 - Factory Stock
SBR10200CTB-13-G product page link
SBR10100CT datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO220ABSBR10100CTDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO220AB119 - Immediate
12900 - Factory Stock
SBR10100CT product page link
SBR10150CTFP datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 150V 5A ITO220ABSBR10150CTFPDIODE ARRAY SBR 150V 5A ITO220AB637 - Immediate
SBR10150CTFP product page link
SBR1040CTB datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 40V 5A D2PAKSBR1040CTBDIODE ARRAY SBR 40V 5A D2PAK333 - Immediate
600 - Factory Stock
SBR1040CTB product page link
SBR10U100CT datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO220ABSBR10U100CTDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A TO220AB350 - Immediate
SBR10U100CT product page link
SBR1040CT datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 40V 5A TO220ABSBR1040CTDIODE ARRAY SBR 40V 5A TO220AB538 - Immediate
SBR1040CT product page link
SBR1060CT datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 5A TO220ABSBR1060CTDIODE ARRAY SBR 60V 5A TO220AB29 - Immediate
SBR1060CT product page link
SBR10100CTFP datasheet linkDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A ITO220ABSBR10100CTFPDIODE ARRAY SBR 100V 5A ITO220AB50 - Immediate
5550 - Factory Stock
SBR10100CTFP product page link
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