Environmental Proof Fans

Environmental Proof Fans

Delta Electronics

This presentation will provide a proper understanding of IP ratings, the requirements for IP testing, well as highlight some typical applications IP rated fans are used in.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - RatedSize / DimensionWidthAvailable Quantity
AFB0412HHA-TA5F datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIREAFB0412HHA-TA5FFAN AXIAL 40X10MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 40mm L x 40mm H10.00mm802 - Immediate
AFB0412HHA-TA5F product page link
AFB0812SH-TP12 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 12VDC WIREAFB0812SH-TP12FAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H25.40mm1786 - Immediate
AFB0812SH-TP12 product page link
AFB0412SHB-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X15MM 12VDC WIREAFB0412SHB-T500FAN AXIAL 40X15MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 40mm L x 40mm H15.00mm415 - Immediate
AFB0412SHB-T500 product page link
AFB0624EH-TA50 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 60X25.4MM 24VDC WIREAFB0624EH-TA50FAN AXIAL 60X25.4MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 60mm L x 60mm H25.40mm440 - Immediate
AFB0624EH-TA50 product page link
FFB0812VH-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 12VDC WIREFFB0812VH-T500FAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H25.40mm1101 - Immediate
FFB0812VH-T500 product page link
PFB0612GHE-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIREPFB0612GHE-T500FAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 60mm L x 60mm H38mm170 - Immediate
PFB0612GHE-T500 product page link
FFB0824SH-TZW1 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 24VDC WIREFFB0824SH-TZW1FAN AXIAL 80X25.4MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H25.40mm288 - Immediate
FFB0824SH-TZW1 product page link
PFB1224GHE-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 24VDC WIREPFB1224GHE-T500FAN AXIAL 120X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38mm112 - Immediate
PFB1224GHE-T500 product page link
FFB0924EHE-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 92X38MM 24VDC WIREFFB0924EHE-T500FAN AXIAL 92X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 92mm L x 92mm H38mm153 - Immediate
FFB0924EHE-T500 product page link
PFB0824UHE-T500 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIREPFB0824UHE-T500FAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H38mm642 - Immediate
PFB0824UHE-T500 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-03-25