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This tutorial will cover the options of the Delta standard cooler. Examples will be shown of active and passive coolers. Also bearing types will be discussed and various types of heatsinks and heat transfer mechanism options used in conjunction with cooling fans will be reviewed.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusVoltage - RatedAvailable Quantity
FHS-A9025S20 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCFHS-A9025S20FAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCActive12VDC583 - Immediate
FHS-A9025S20 product page link
FHS-A9025S18 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCFHS-A9025S18FAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCActive12VDC586 - Immediate
FHS-A9025S18 product page link
FHS-A9025S19 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCFHS-A9025S19FAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCActive12VDC1009 - Immediate
FHS-A9025S19 product page link
FHS-A6025B01 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X64MM 12VDCFHS-A6025B01FAN CPU COOLER 90X64MM 12VDCActive12VDC193 - Immediate
FHS-A6025B01 product page link
FHS-A9025S16 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCFHS-A9025S16FAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCActive12VDC127 - Immediate
FHS-A9025S16 product page link
FHS-A9025S17 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCFHS-A9025S17FAN CPU COOLER 90X19.1MM 12VDCActive12VDC326 - Immediate
FHS-A9025S17 product page link
FHS-A6025B00 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 90X64MM 12VDCFHS-A6025B00FAN CPU COOLER 90X64MM 12VDCActive12VDC67 - Immediate
FHS-A6025B00 product page link
FHS-A9020S01 datasheet linkFAN CPU COOLER 100X40MM 12VDCFHS-A9020S01FAN CPU COOLER 100X40MM 12VDCActive12VDC0FHS-A9020S01 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-08-04