Insulation Displacement Connectors

Insulation Displacement Connectors

CW Industries

This presentation will review CW’s mass terminated IDCs that are specifically designed to provide a reliable long term, gas-tight connection at every position. In addition there will be a discussion of the patented Torq-Tite™ contacts, and significant design advantages including ruggedness of construction, ease of assembly, integral strain relief options, choice of contact materials and plating finishes.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CWR-130-16-0203 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 16 PIN TIN IDCCWR-130-16-0203CONNECTOR DIP 16 PIN TIN IDC6425 - Immediate
CWR-130-16-0203 product page link
CWR-130-14-0000 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 14 PIN GOLD IDCCWR-130-14-0000CONNECTOR DIP 14 PIN GOLD IDC4188 - Immediate
CWR-130-14-0000 product page link
CWR-130-16-0000 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 16 PIN GOLD IDCCWR-130-16-0000CONNECTOR DIP 16 PIN GOLD IDC1505 - Immediate
CWR-130-16-0000 product page link
CWR-130-24-0203 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 24 PIN TIN IDCCWR-130-24-0203CONNECTOR DIP 24 PIN TIN IDC1431 - Immediate
CWR-130-24-0203 product page link
CWR-170-26-0000 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 26PIN GOLD W/O EARCWR-170-26-0000CONN CARDEDGE 26PIN GOLD W/O EAR2365 - Immediate
CWR-170-26-0000 product page link
CWR-130-14-0203 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 14 PIN TIN IDCCWR-130-14-0203CONNECTOR DIP 14 PIN TIN IDC2306 - Immediate
CWR-130-14-0203 product page link
CWR-170-10-0000 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 10PIN GOLD W/O EARCWR-170-10-0000CONN CARDEDGE 10PIN GOLD W/O EAR195 - Immediate
CWR-170-10-0000 product page link
CWR-130-40-0203 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 40 PIN TIN IDCCWR-130-40-0203CONNECTOR DIP 40 PIN TIN IDC346 - Immediate
CWR-130-40-0203 product page link
CWR-170-20-0000 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 20PIN GOLD W/O EARCWR-170-20-0000CONN CARDEDGE 20PIN GOLD W/O EAR281 - Immediate
CWR-170-20-0000 product page link
CWR-170-50-0203 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 50PIN TIN W/ORSCWR-170-50-0203CONN CARDEDGE 50PIN TIN W/ORS165 - Immediate
CWR-170-50-0203 product page link
CWR-170-26-0203 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 26PIN TIN W/ORSCWR-170-26-0203CONN CARDEDGE 26PIN TIN W/ORS819 - Immediate
CWR-170-26-0203 product page link
CWR-170-34-0000 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 34PIN GOLD W/O EARCWR-170-34-0000CONN CARDEDGE 34PIN GOLD W/O EAR205 - Immediate
CWR-170-34-0000 product page link
CWR-170-20-0003 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 20PIN TIN W/O EARSCWR-170-20-0003CONN CARDEDGE 20PIN TIN W/O EARS2078 - Immediate
CWR-170-20-0003 product page link
CWR-170-40-0000 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 40PIN GOLD W/O EARCWR-170-40-0000CONN CARDEDGE 40PIN GOLD W/O EAR72 - Immediate
CWR-170-40-0000 product page link
CWR-130-40-0000 datasheet linkCONNECTOR DIP 40 PIN GOLD IDCCWR-130-40-0000CONNECTOR DIP 40 PIN GOLD IDC98 - Immediate
CWR-130-40-0000 product page link
CWR-170-40-0003 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 40PIN TIN W/O EARSCWR-170-40-0003CONN CARDEDGE 40PIN TIN W/O EARS68 - Immediate
CWR-170-40-0003 product page link
CWR-170-10-0203 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 10PIN TIN W/ORSCWR-170-10-0203CONN CARDEDGE 10PIN TIN W/ORS0CWR-170-10-0203 product page link
CWR-170-10-0003 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 10PIN TIN W/O EARSCWR-170-10-0003CONN CARDEDGE 10PIN TIN W/O EARS0CWR-170-10-0003 product page link
CWR-170-34-0003 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 34PIN TIN W/O EARSCWR-170-34-0003CONN CARDEDGE 34PIN TIN W/O EARS0CWR-170-34-0003 product page link
CWR-170-34-0203 datasheet linkCONN CARDEDGE 34PIN TIN W/ORSCWR-170-34-0203CONN CARDEDGE 34PIN TIN W/ORS1 - Immediate
CWR-170-34-0203 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-02-01