Power Supply Safety Standards


The ability to sell power supplies around the world, either built-in or external types, depends on meeting the relevant safety standards that apply in those territories. These standards are defined and administered by national or international agencies with various government-recognized testing laboratories able to certify compliance with such statutory regulations. This presentation will provide an overview of international safety standards by application.

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VAWQ3-Q24-S12HCONVERTER DC/DC 12V 250MA 3WTubeIsolated Module244 - Immediate
VAWQ3-Q24-D15HCONV DC/DC DUAL 15V 100MA 3WTubeIsolated Module438 - Immediate
VAWQ6-Q24-S5HCONVERTER DC/DC 5V 1A 5WTubeIsolated Module532 - Immediate
VAWQ6-Q24-S12HCONVERTER DC/DC 12V 470MA 5.6WTubeIsolated Module280 - Immediate
VSBU-120-D524AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V 24V 120WOpen Frame2100 - Immediate
VSUU-120-D512AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 12V 120WOpen Frame253 - Immediate
VPOL5A-12-SIPCONVERTER DC/DC 5.0V OUT 5A SIP-Non-Isolated PoL Module361 - Immediate
VAWQ3-Q24-S3R3HCONVERTER DC/DC 3.3V 600MA 3WTubeIsolated Module156 - Immediate
VPOL16A-12-SIPCONVERTR DC/DC .75/5VOUT 16A SIP-Non-Isolated PoL Module342 - Immediate
VSBU-120-T3512BAC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 5V 12V 120WOpen Frame356 - Immediate
VSBU-120-T512AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V +/-12V 120WOpen Frame351 - Immediate
VSUU-120-24AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WEnclosed158 - Immediate
VSUU-120-12AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WEnclosed153 - Immediate
VSUU-120-D524AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V 24V 120WOpen Frame2225 - Immediate
VSUU-120-T512AAC/DC CONVERTER 5V +/-12V 120WOpen Frame3179 - Immediate
VSUU-120-48AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WEnclosed148 - Immediate
VPOL5A-5-SIPCONVERTER DC/DC 3.63V OUT 5A SIP-Non-Isolated PoL Module255 - Immediate
VPOL5A-12-SMTCONVERTER DC/DC 5.0V OUT 5A SMDTape & Reel (TR)Non-Isolated PoL Module0
VAWQ3-Q24-S5HCONVERTER DC/DC 5V 600MA 3WTubeIsolated Module29 - Immediate
VAWQ6-Q24-S3R3HCONVERTER DC/DC 3.3V 1A 3.3WTubeIsolated Module100 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2014-07-28