Power Supply Safety Standards


The ability to sell power supplies around the world, either built-in or external types, depends on meeting the relevant safety standards that apply in those territories. These standards are defined and administered by national or international agencies with various government-recognized testing laboratories able to certify compliance with such statutory regulations. This presentation will provide an overview of international safety standards by application.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of OutputsVoltage - InputAvailable Quantity
VSK-S3-5U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-5UCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCB185 ~ 264 VAC1478 - Immediate
VSK-S3-5U product page link
VSK-S3-3R3U datasheet linkCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCBVSK-S3-3R3UCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCB185 ~ 264 VAC1235 - Immediate
VSK-S3-3R3U product page link
VOF-10-5 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 5V 2.0AVOF-10-5PWR SUPPLY 10W OPEN 5V 2.0A185 ~ 264 VAC1175 - Immediate
VOF-10-5 product page link
VOF-15-12 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 12V 1.25AVOF-15-12PWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 12V 1.25A185 ~ 264 VAC590 - Immediate
VOF-15-12 product page link
VOF-15-15 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 15V 1.0AVOF-15-15PWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 15V 1.0A185 ~ 264 VAC293 - Immediate
VOF-15-15 product page link
VOF-15-5 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 5V 3.0AVOF-15-5PWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 5V 3.0A185 ~ 264 VAC158 - Immediate
VOF-15-5 product page link
VSK-S3-9U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-9UCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCB185 ~ 264 VAC2478 - Immediate
VSK-S3-9U product page link
VOF-15-24 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 24V 0.63AVOF-15-24PWR SUPPLY 15W OPEN 24V 0.63A185 ~ 264 VAC5528 - Immediate
VOF-15-24 product page link
VOFM-5-5 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY MED 5V 1.0A PCBVOFM-5-5PWR SUPPLY MED 5V 1.0A PCB185 ~ 264 VAC817 - Immediate
VOFM-5-5 product page link
VOFM-5-9 datasheet linkPWR SUPPLY MED 9V 0.55A PCBVOFM-5-9PWR SUPPLY MED 9V 0.55A PCB185 ~ 264 VAC71 - Immediate
VOFM-5-9 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-07-28