High Efficiency Switching DC Regulator

High Efficiency Switching DC Regulator


This presentation, will give a description of the available configurations, advantages vs. linear regulators, key specifications, and possible applications.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
V7805-500-SMT-TR datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 500MA SMDV7805-500-SMT-TRCONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 500MA SMD3238 - Immediate
V7805-500-SMT-TR product page link
V7812-500-SMT-TR datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC REG 12V 500MA SMDV7812-500-SMT-TRCONVERT DC/DC REG 12V 500MA SMD1891 - Immediate
V7812-500-SMT-TR product page link
V7803-500-SMT-TR datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC REG 3.3V 500MA SMDV7803-500-SMT-TRCONVERT DC/DC REG 3.3V 500MA SMD1422 - Immediate
V7803-500-SMT-TR product page link
V7805-500 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 500MAV7805-500CONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 500MA7280 - Immediate
V7805-500 product page link
V7812-500 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 12V 500MAV7812-500CONVERTER DC/DC REG 12V 500MA4865 - Immediate
V7812-500 product page link
V7803-500 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 3.3V 500MAV7803-500CONVERTER DC/DC REG 3.3V 500MA1642 - Immediate
V7803-500 product page link
V7806-500 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 6.5V 500MAV7806-500CONVERTER DC/DC REG 6.5V 500MA578 - Immediate
V7806-500 product page link
V7805-1000 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 1AV7805-1000CONVERTER DC/DC REG 5V 1A5004 - Immediate
V7805-1000 product page link
V7805-1000R datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC REG 5V 1000MA R/AV7805-1000RCONVERT DC/DC REG 5V 1000MA R/A3999 - Immediate
V7805-1000R product page link
V7809-500 datasheet linkCONVERTER DC/DC REG 9V 500MAV7809-500CONVERTER DC/DC REG 9V 500MA1047 - Immediate
V7809-500 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-26