Encapsulated AC-DC Power Supply Series

Encapsulated AC-DC Power Supply Series


This presentation will provide an overview of CUI’s encapsulated AC-DC power supply family, including a summary of available models, features, and target applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
VSK-S3-5U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-5UCONVERTER AC-DC 5V@600MA 3W PCB2169 - Immediate
VSK-S3-5U product page link
VSK-S3-12U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 12V@250MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-12UCONVERTER AC-DC 12V@250MA 3W PCB1173 - Immediate
VSK-S3-12U product page link
VSK-S3-3R3U datasheet linkCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCBVSK-S3-3R3UCONV AC-DC 3.3V@700MA 2.3W PCB1107 - Immediate
VSK-S3-3R3U product page link
VSK-S5-5UA datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 5W 5V 1A PCBVSK-S5-5UACONV AC/DC 5W 5V 1A PCB3379 - Immediate
VSK-S5-5UA product page link
VSK-S5-12UA datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 5W 12V 0.42A PCBVSK-S5-12UACONV AC/DC 5W 12V 0.42A PCB2682 - Immediate
VSK-S5-12UA product page link
VSK-S15-24U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 24V 0.625A PCBVSK-S15-24UCONV AC/DC 15W 24V 0.625A PCB589 - Immediate
VSK-S15-24U product page link
VSK-S15-12U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 12V 1.25A PCBVSK-S15-12UCONV AC/DC 15W 12V 1.25A PCB418 - Immediate
VSK-S15-12U product page link
VSK-S15-5U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 5V 2.8A PCBVSK-S15-5UCONV AC/DC 15W 5V 2.8A PCB158 - Immediate
VSK-S15-5U product page link
VSK-S20-5U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 20W 5V 3.5A PCBVSK-S20-5UCONV AC/DC 20W 5V 3.5A PCB347 - Immediate
VSK-S20-5U product page link
VSK-S3-9U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-9UCONVERTER AC-DC 9V@330MA 3W PCB2413 - Immediate
VSK-S3-9U product page link
VSK-S5-15UA datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 5W 15V 0.33A PCBVSK-S5-15UACONV AC/DC 5W 15V 0.33A PCB1098 - Immediate
VSK-S5-15UA product page link
VSK-S5-9UA datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 5W 9V 0.55A PCBVSK-S5-9UACONV AC/DC 5W 9V 0.55A PCB374 - Immediate
VSK-S5-9UA product page link
VSK-S20-15U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 20W 15V 1.3A PCBVSK-S20-15UCONV AC/DC 20W 15V 1.3A PCB225 - Immediate
VSK-S20-15U product page link
VSK-S20-24U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 20W 24V 0.85A PCBVSK-S20-24UCONV AC/DC 20W 24V 0.85A PCB134 - Immediate
VSK-S20-24U product page link
VSK-S5-3R3UA datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 5W 3.3V 1.25A PCBVSK-S5-3R3UACONV AC/DC 5W 3.3V 1.25A PCB107 - Immediate
VSK-S5-3R3UA product page link
VSK-S20-12U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 20W 12V 1.6A PCBVSK-S20-12UCONV AC/DC 20W 12V 1.6A PCB85 - Immediate
VSK-S20-12U product page link
VSK-S15-15U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 15V 1.0A PCBVSK-S15-15UCONV AC/DC 15W 15V 1.0A PCB45 - Immediate
VSK-S15-15U product page link
VSK-S15-48U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 48V 0.32A PCBVSK-S15-48UCONV AC/DC 15W 48V 0.32A PCB23 - Immediate
VSK-S15-48U product page link
VSK-S15-9U datasheet linkCONV AC/DC 15W 9V 1.6A PCBVSK-S15-9UCONV AC/DC 15W 9V 1.6A PCB16 - Immediate
VSK-S15-9U product page link
VSK-S3-24U datasheet linkCONVERTER AC-DC 24V@125MA 3W PCBVSK-S3-24UCONVERTER AC-DC 24V@125MA 3W PCB0VSK-S3-24U product page link
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