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This tutorial will provide an introduction to the Tusonix division of CTS Corporation and the product series available from Tusonix.  Additionally, the features, benefits, and potential applications of the Tusonix series will be discussed.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2404-000-X5U0-102PLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL2404-000-X5U0-102PLFCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL520 - Immediate
2404-000-X5U0-102PLF product page link
2425-001-X5U0-101AALF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL2425-001-X5U0-101AALFCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL270 - Immediate
2425-001-X5U0-101AALF product page link
2443-007-X5W0-502ZLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 5000PF 500V AXIAL2443-007-X5W0-502ZLFCAP FEEDTHRU 5000PF 500V AXIAL401 - Immediate
2443-007-X5W0-502ZLF product page link
2425-001-X5W0-502AALF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL2425-001-X5W0-502AALFCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL125 - Immediate
2425-001-X5W0-502AALF product page link
2450-001-X5U0-102PLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL2450-001-X5U0-102PLFCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL100 - Immediate
2450-001-X5U0-102PLF product page link
2443-007-X5S0-102MLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL2443-007-X5S0-102MLFCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL69 - Immediate
2443-007-X5S0-102MLF product page link
2425-601-X5W0-103ZLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 100V AXIAL2425-601-X5W0-103ZLFCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 100V AXIAL02425-601-X5W0-103ZLF product page link
2425-001-X5U0-102AALF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL2425-001-X5U0-102AALFCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL16 - Immediate
2425-001-X5U0-102AALF product page link
2425-001-X5U0-152AALF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL2425-001-X5U0-152AALFCAP FEEDTHRU 200V AXIAL5 - Immediate
2425-001-X5U0-152AALF product page link
KFF6338A datasheet linkFILTER CERAMIC GPS 1575.5MHZ SMDKFF6338AFILTER CERAMIC GPS 1575.5MHZ SMD0KFF6338A product page link
KFF6193A datasheet linkFILTER CERAMIC 915MHZ SMDKFF6193AFILTER CERAMIC 915MHZ SMD0KFF6193A product page link
KFF6636A datasheet linkFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ SMDKFF6636AFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ SMD0KFF6636A product page link
KFF6666A datasheet linkFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 1880MHZ SMDKFF6666AFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 1880MHZ SMD0KFF6666A product page link
KFF6567A datasheet linkFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ SMDKFF6567AFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ SMD0KFF6567A product page link
2404-014-X5U0-102PLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL2404-014-X5U0-102PLFCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL200 - Factory Stock2404-014-X5U0-102PLF product page link
2451-001-X5U0-102PLF datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL2451-001-X5U0-102PLFCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 500V AXIAL100 - Factory Stock2451-001-X5U0-102PLF product page link
KFF6402A datasheet linkFILTER CERAMIC TCAS 1090MHZ SMDKFF6402AFILTER CERAMIC TCAS 1090MHZ SMD0KFF6402A product page link
KFF6075B datasheet linkFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZKFF6075BFILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ0KFF6075B product page link
0512-000-A-1.0-3LF datasheet linkCAP TRIMMER 1-3PF 100V SMD0512-000-A-1.0-3LFCAP TRIMMER 1-3PF 100V SMD00512-000-A-1.0-3LF product page link
0512-000-A-1.5-5LF datasheet linkCAP TRIMMER 1.5-5PF 100V SMD0512-000-A-1.5-5LFCAP TRIMMER 1.5-5PF 100V SMD00512-000-A-1.5-5LF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-08