IP67 Rated D-sub Connectors for Harsh Environments

IP67 Rated D-sub Connectors for Harsh Environments


This tutorial will discuss CONECs multiple lines of high reliability water-sealed connectors and its many years of engineering experience with harsh environment solutions for many industries.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusConnector StyleAvailable Quantity
6STD09SCT99S40X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS R/A SOLDER6STD09SCT99S40XCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS R/A SOLDERTrayActiveD-Sub115 - Immediate
6STD09SCT99S40X product page link
6STD25SCT99S40X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SOLDER6STD25SCT99S40XCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SOLDERTrayActiveD-Sub193 - Immediate
6STD25SCT99S40X product page link
6STD15PCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS PNL MNT6STD15PCM99B30XCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub157 - Immediate
6STD15PCM99B30X product page link
6STD09PCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS PNL MNT6STD09PCM99B30XCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub79 - Immediate
6STD09PCM99B30X product page link
6STD25SCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS PNL MNT6STD25SCM99B30XCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub68 - Immediate
6STD25SCM99B30X product page link
6STD15SCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS PNL MNT6STD15SCM99B30XCONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub84 - Immediate
6STD15SCM99B30X product page link
6STD09SCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS PNL MNT6STD09SCM99B30XCONN D-SUB RCPT 9POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub06STD09SCM99B30X product page link
6STD15SCT99S40X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS R/A SOLDER6STD15SCT99S40XCONN D-SUB RCPT 15POS R/A SOLDERTrayActiveD-Sub06STD15SCT99S40X product page link
6STD25PCM99B30X datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS PNL MNT6STD25PCM99B30XCONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS PNL MNTTrayActiveD-Sub06STD25PCM99B30X product page link
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PTM Published on: 2009-09-21