Surge Protection Diodes

Surge Protection Diodes

Comchip Technology

This tutorial will examine factors critical to ESD/EOS protection, compare and contrast the various types of protection devices and their characteristics, and review Comchip’s ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) products and their potential applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CPDU5V0 datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 0603CPDU5V0TVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 0603309423 - Immediate
36000 - Factory Stock
CPDU5V0 product page link
CPDU24V datasheet linkTVS DIODE 24VWM 47VC 0603CPDU24VTVS DIODE 24VWM 47VC 0603147573 - Immediate
40000 - Factory Stock
CPDU24V product page link
CPDQR5V0U datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 12.5VC 0402CPDQR5V0UTVS DIODE 5VWM 12.5VC 0402174350 - Immediate
370000 - Factory Stock
CPDQR5V0U product page link
CPDQR5V0 datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 0402CPDQR5V0TVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 040245197 - Immediate
40000 - Factory Stock
CPDQR5V0 product page link
CPDUR12V datasheet linkTVS DIODE 12VWM 25VC 0603CPDUR12VTVS DIODE 12VWM 25VC 060357030 - Immediate
36000 - Factory Stock
CPDUR12V product page link
CPDUR5V0 datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 0603CPDUR5V0TVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC 060340481 - Immediate
84000 - Factory Stock
CPDUR5V0 product page link
CPDT6-5V4-HF datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC SOT23-6CPDT6-5V4-HFTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC SOT23-610447 - Immediate
CPDT6-5V4-HF product page link
CSRV065V0P datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 9VC SC70-6CSRV065V0PTVS DIODE 5VWM 9VC SC70-62563 - Immediate
CSRV065V0P product page link
CPDQR5V0H-HF datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 20VC SOD923FCPDQR5V0H-HFTVS DIODE 5VWM 20VC SOD923F1610 - Immediate
CPDQR5V0H-HF product page link
CPDT-5V0-HF datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC SOT23-3CPDT-5V0-HFTVS DIODE 5VWM 15VC SOT23-32776 - Immediate
CPDT-5V0-HF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-21