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This presentation will focus on a basic knowledge of the selection and application of fans as well as examples of application solutions.
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AC Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - RatedSize / DimensionWidthAvailable Quantity
19028268A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 110VAC SU2B119028268AFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 110VAC SU2B1110VACSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H38mm429 - Immediate
19028268A product page link
19028420A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 110VAC MX2B119028420AFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 110VAC MX2B1110VACSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38mm250 - Immediate
19028420A product page link
19028423A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 119X39MM 230VAC MX3B319028423AFAN AXIAL 119X39MM 230VAC MX3B3230VACSquare - 119mm L x 119mm H39mm149 - Immediate
19028423A product page link
19028312A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 171.5X50.8MM PT77B319028312AFAN AXIAL 171.5X50.8MM PT77B3230VACRound - 171.5mm Dia50.8mm277 - Immediate
19028312A product page link
19028254A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 171.5X50.8MM PT2B319028254AFAN AXIAL 171.5X50.8MM PT2B3115VACRound - 171.5mm Dia50.8mm375 - Immediate
19028254A product page link
19028309A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 172X50.8MM 230V MR77B319028309AFAN AXIAL 172X50.8MM 230V MR77B3230VACRectangular/Rounded - 172mm L x 150mm H50.8mm443 - Immediate
19028309A product page link
19020190A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 230VAC CLE3L219020190AFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 230VAC CLE3L2230VACRound - 254mm Dia89mm532 - Immediate
19020190A product page link
19020188A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC CLE2L219020188AFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC CLE2L2115VACRound - 254mm Dia89mm687 - Immediate
19020188A product page link
19020191A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 230VAC CLE3T219020191AFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 230VAC CLE3T2230VACRound - 254mm Dia89mm1067 - Immediate
19020191A product page link
19020189A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC CLE2T219020189AFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC CLE2T2115VACRound - 254mm Dia89mm61 - Immediate
19020189A product page link
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DC Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - RatedSize / DimensionWidthAvailable Quantity
19032628A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X20MM CR0424HB-C5019032628AFAN AXIAL 40X20MM CR0424HB-C5024VDCSquare - 40mm L x 40mm H20.00mm2896 - Immediate
19032628A product page link
19032704A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 60X25MM CR0612HB-A70GL19032704AFAN AXIAL 60X25MM CR0612HB-A70GL12VDCSquare - 60mm L x 60mm H25mm273 - Immediate
19032704A product page link
19032744A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25MM CR0824HB-A70GL19032744AFAN AXIAL 80X25MM CR0824HB-A70GL24VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H25mm785 - Immediate
19032744A product page link
19032736A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X25MM CR0812HB-A70GL19032736AFAN AXIAL 80X25MM CR0812HB-A70GL12VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H25mm2621 - Immediate
19032736A product page link
19032526A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38.1MM 24V MS24B319032526AFAN AXIAL 120X38.1MM 24V MS24B324VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38.10mm145 - Immediate
19032526A product page link
19030572A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 24VDC MC24B319030572AFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 24VDC MC24B324VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H32.00mm527 - Immediate
19030572A product page link
19030599A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 24VDC MC24B719030599AFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 24VDC MC24B724VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H32.00mm268 - Immediate
19030599A product page link
19032489A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 12VDC MC12B319032489AFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 12VDC MC12B312VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H32.00mm329 - Immediate
19032489A product page link
19032608A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 40X10MM CR0412HB-G7019032608AFAN AXIAL 40X10MM CR0412HB-G7012VDCSquare - 40mm L x 40mm H10.00mm680 - Immediate
19032608A product page link
19030598A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 12VDC MC12B719030598AFAN AXIAL 120X32MM 12VDC MC12B712VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H32.00mm119 - Immediate
19030598A product page link
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