Electromechanical Switches

Introduction to Electromechanical Switches


This presentation will provide an introduction to the wide variety of electromechanical switches available from C&K. It will review the basic switch types and their applications, and discuss common switch terminology. There will be a review of switch mounting options, and the environmental ratings, the IP numbers, will be explained
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1.71212.0110000 datasheet linkSOCKET LAMP REPLACEMENT1.71212.0110000SOCKET LAMP REPLACEMENT2 - Immediate
1.71212.0110000 product page link
1.90180.4740000 datasheet linkLAMP INCAN T1 12V 1/4 BI-PIN1.90180.4740000LAMP INCAN T1 12V 1/4 BI-PIN17 - Immediate
1.90180.4740000 product page link
SWITCH ACCESSORY1.90900.0030000SWITCH ACCESSORY01.90900.0030000 product page link
1.90180.4730000 datasheet linkLAMP T1 24/28V BIPIN F/8.1MM PB1.90180.4730000LAMP T1 24/28V BIPIN F/8.1MM PB01.90180.4730000 product page link
LED T4.5 24V WHITE1.90690.3350000LED T4.5 24V WHITE01.90690.3350000 product page link
LED T4.5 24V WHITE1.90.690.335/0000LED T4.5 24V WHITE01.90.690.335/0000 product page link
SWITCH ACCESSORY1.20810.2010000SWITCH ACCESSORY01.20810.2010000 product page link
057090100 datasheet linkBRACKET RECESSED FOR DM ROCKERS057090100BRACKET RECESSED FOR DM ROCKERS0057090100 product page link
BUZZER ACOUSTIC INTERVAL BEEP1.30078.0060100BUZZER ACOUSTIC INTERVAL BEEP01.30078.0060100 product page link
1.90180.4720000 datasheet linkINDICATOR LAMP T11.90180.4720000INDICATOR LAMP T101.90180.4720000 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-26