Integrated Connector Module, ICM- TRP Connector

Cinch Connectivity Solutions

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an introduction to TRP Connector’s line of highly integrated Ethernet connector modules. In addition to a review of the ICM product line, information to assist customers in the selection of ICM products will be provided. There will also be a review of the applicable IEEE 802.3 standards.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConnector TypeNumber of PortsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
6605841-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4513646 - Immediate
6605759-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4512428 - Immediate
6605752-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 10 BASE-TTrayRJ4513578 - Immediate
5-6605758-7CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4513282 - Immediate
5-6605728-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4511701 - Immediate
5-6605308-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4511180 - Immediate
5-6605704-9CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4511007 - Immediate
5-6605758-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4512622 - Immediate
6605834-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4516109 - Immediate
1-6605310-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4512226 - Immediate
1-6605834-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ4511692 - Immediate
1840408-6CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ451504 - Immediate
5-6610000-1CONN MAGJACK 2PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ452758 - Immediate
1-6605444-1CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ451624 - Immediate
1840710-5CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ451336 - Immediate
6605814-6CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ4516680 - Immediate
6605444-6CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ4511240 - Immediate
1840855-3CONN MAGJACK 2PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ452848 - Immediate
6610005-6CONN MAGJACK 2PORT 1000 BASE-TTrayRJ452503 - Immediate
5-6605798-8CONN MAGJACK 1PORT 100 BASE-TTrayRJ451445 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-07-15