Buccaneer Power Connectors

Buccaneer Data Connectors


This training provides a look into the Buccaneer product range and the benefits of each series.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PX0443CABLE IP68 B MINI USB-5WAY CRIMP4254 - Immediate
PX0842/BCONN RCPT IP68 USB B PANEL MOUNT1899 - Immediate
PX0842/ACONN RCPT IP68 USB A PANEL MOUNT1281 - Immediate
PX0848/BCONN RCPT IP68 USB B REAR MOUNT248 - Immediate
PX0840/B/3M00CABLE PLUG IP68 USB B-A 3M281 - Immediate
590 - Factory Stock
PX0843/BCONN RCPT IP68 USB B PNL - 5POS1610 - Immediate
PX0843/ACONN RCPT IP68 USB A PNL - 5POS717 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
PX0777/UTPCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C908 - Immediate
PX0407ANTENNA SMB IP68 2.4 TO 2.5GHZ401 - Immediate
PX0834/BCONN MOD PLUG 8P8C SHIELDED431 - Immediate
PX0837/5M00CABLE PLUG IP68 RJ45-RJ45 - 5M383 - Immediate
PX0833CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C2783 - Immediate
PX0870CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C134 - Immediate
14192CONN HEADER RT ANG 5POS PCB2062 - Immediate
PX0480CONN CAP SEAL FOR PX0412/PX04141203 - Immediate
14193CABLE USB A TO 5 WAY CRIMP 100MM396 - Immediate
PX0845/BCONN RCPT IP68 USB B PNL MT PCB191 - Immediate
PX0840/B/5M00CABLE PLUG IP68 USB B-A 5M264 - Immediate
PX0837/3M00CABLE PLUG IP68 RJ45-RJ45 - 3M59 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-02-23