Modified Enclosures

Modified Enclosures

Bud Industries

This tutorial explains how Bud Industries and Digi-Key can assist in creating a custom, modified enclosure or rack for any application since virtually all enclosures need to be modified to fit each customer’s application.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
30-2300-GT datasheet linkRACK CABINET 29.62 X24.06X30.75"30-2300-GTRACK CABINET 29.62 X24.06X30.75"030-2300-GT product page link
30-2300-RB datasheet linkRACK CABINET 29.62 X24.06X30.75"30-2300-RBRACK CABINET 29.62 X24.06X30.75"030-2300-RB product page link
30-2301-GT datasheet linkRACK CABINET 40.12 X24.06X30.75"30-2301-GTRACK CABINET 40.12 X24.06X30.75"030-2301-GT product page link
30-2301-RB datasheet linkRACK CABINET 40.12 X24.06X30.75"30-2301-RBRACK CABINET 40.12 X24.06X30.75"030-2301-RB product page link
30-2302-GT datasheet linkRACK CABINET 50.62 X24.06X30.75"30-2302-GTRACK CABINET 50.62 X24.06X30.75"030-2302-GT product page link
30-2302-RB datasheet linkRACK CABINET 50.62 X24.06X30.75"30-2302-RBRACK CABINET 50.62 X24.06X30.75"030-2302-RB product page link
30-2304-GT datasheet linkRACK CABINET 69.87 X24.06X30.75"30-2304-GTRACK CABINET 69.87 X24.06X30.75"030-2304-GT product page link
30-2304-RB datasheet linkRACK CABINET 69.87 X24.06X30.75"30-2304-RBRACK CABINET 69.87 X24.06X30.75"030-2304-RB product page link
30-2303-GT datasheet linkRACK CABINET 61.12 X24.06X30.75"30-2303-GTRACK CABINET 61.12 X24.06X30.75"030-2303-GT product page link
30-2303-RB datasheet linkRACK CABINET 61.12 X24.06X30.75"30-2303-RBRACK CABINET 61.12 X24.06X30.75"030-2303-RB product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-20