TCXOs for GPS and Cell Phone Applications

AVX Corporation

This tutorial will provide a quick review of the available AVX/Kyocera TCXO series as well as their applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
KT2520F16369ACW28TAK datasheet linkOSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDKT2520F16369ACW28TAKOSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz5264 - Immediate
KT2520F16369ACW28TAK product page link
KT3225F27456ZAW28TA0 datasheet linkOSC TCXO 27.456MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDKT3225F27456ZAW28TA0OSC TCXO 27.456MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO27.456MHz2381 - Immediate
KT3225F27456ZAW28TA0 product page link
KT2520Y40000ECV28TBA datasheet linkOSC TCXO 40.000MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDKT2520Y40000ECV28TBAOSC TCXO 40.000MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO40MHz0KT2520Y40000ECV28TBA product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-10-18