Components for Alternate Energy Applications

Components for Alternate Energy Applications

AVX Corporation

This tutorial will introduce AVX’s product offering for higher energy applications such as battery optimization circuits, USB charger solutions, and DC/DC converters. The presentation will also discuss some advantages of using film capacitors, and their use in EMI suppression circuits.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
ST205C476MAJ05 datasheet linkCAP CER 47UF 50V X7R SMDST205C476MAJ05CAP CER 47UF 50V X7R SMDBulk47µF±20%1116 - Immediate
ST205C476MAJ05 product page link
ST205C107MAL10 datasheet linkCAP CER 100UF 50V X7R SMDST205C107MAL10CAP CER 100UF 50V X7R SMDBulk100µF±20%217 - Immediate
ST205C107MAL10 product page link
ST205C476MAN05 datasheet linkCAP CER 47UF 50V X7R 10DIPST205C476MAN05CAP CER 47UF 50V X7R 10DIPBulk47µF±20%393 - Immediate
ST205C476MAN05 product page link
ST205C107MAN10 datasheet linkCAP CER 100UF 50V X7R 20DIPST205C107MAN10CAP CER 100UF 50V X7R 20DIPBulk100µF±20%190 - Immediate
ST205C107MAN10 product page link
ST205C476MAL05 datasheet linkCAP CER 47UF 50V X7R SMDST205C476MAL05CAP CER 47UF 50V X7R SMDBulk47µF±20%38 - Immediate
ST205C476MAL05 product page link
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Circuit Protection

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingVaristor Voltage (Min)Varistor Voltage (Typ)Available Quantity
VA100005A150DL datasheet linkVARISTOR 8.5V 40A AXIALVA100005A150DLVARISTOR 8.5V 40A AXIALCut Tape (CT)6.8V8.5V7139 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
VA100005A150DL product page link
VA100014A300DL datasheet linkVARISTOR 18.5V 40A AXIALVA100014A300DLVARISTOR 18.5V 40A AXIALCut Tape (CT)16.28V18.5V2453 - Immediate
VA100014A300DL product page link
VA100005D150DL datasheet linkVARISTOR 8.5V 150A AXIALVA100005D150DLVARISTOR 8.5V 150A AXIALCut Tape (CT)6.8V8.5V8370 - Immediate
14000 - Factory Stock
VA100005D150DL product page link
VA100014D300DL datasheet linkVARISTOR 18.5V 150A AXIALVA100014D300DLVARISTOR 18.5V 150A AXIALCut Tape (CT)16.28V18.5V2892 - Immediate
12000 - Factory Stock
VA100014D300DL product page link
VA100018A400DL datasheet linkVARISTOR 25.5V 40A AXIALVA100018A400DLVARISTOR 25.5V 40A AXIALCut Tape (CT)22.95V25.5V1801 - Immediate
VA100018A400DL product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
W2F11A4718AT1F datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 470PF 100V 0805W2F11A4718AT1FCAP FEEDTHRU 470PF 100V 0805Cut Tape (CT)470pF-20%, +50%34171 - Immediate
W2F11A4718AT1F product page link
W2F11A2218AT1F datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 220PF 100V 0805W2F11A2218AT1FCAP FEEDTHRU 220PF 100V 0805Cut Tape (CT)220pF-20%, +50%8570 - Immediate
W2F11A2218AT1F product page link
W2F15C1028AT1F datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 50V 0805W2F15C1028AT1FCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 50V 0805Cut Tape (CT)1000pF-20%, +50%5039 - Immediate
W2F15C1028AT1F product page link
W2F15C1038AT1F datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 50V 0805W2F15C1038AT1FCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 50V 0805Cut Tape (CT)0.01µF-20%, +50%877 - Immediate
W2F15C1038AT1F product page link
W2F15C2238AT1F datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.022UF 50V 0805W2F15C2238AT1FCAP FEEDTHRU 0.022UF 50V 0805Cut Tape (CT)0.022µF-20%, +50%0W2F15C2238AT1F product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-09-06