Digital Temperature Sensor

Digital Temperature Sensors


This tutorial will introduce a high level overview of temperature sensing using the standard compliant AT30TS00 series and industry compatible AT30TS75 series products.  This tutorialwill also highlight the additional Atmel-only enhancements as well as the resulting benefits.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeSensing Temperature - LocalAvailable Quantity
AT30TSE004A-MAA5M-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C 8WDFNAT30TSE004A-MAA5M-TSENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C 8WDFNDigital, Local-20°C ~ 125°C10429 - Immediate
AT30TSE004A-MAA5M-T product page link
AT30TS74-SS8M-B datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8SOICAT30TS74-SS8M-BSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8SOICDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C3580 - Immediate
AT30TS74-SS8M-B product page link
AT30TS74-XM8M-B datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8MSOPAT30TS74-XM8M-BSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8MSOPDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C2919 - Immediate
AT30TS74-XM8M-B product page link
AT30TS74-UFM11-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPAT30TS74-UFM11-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C2397 - Immediate
AT30TS74-UFM11-T product page link
AT30TS74-UFM12-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPAT30TS74-UFM12-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C2335 - Immediate
AT30TS74-UFM12-T product page link
AT30TS74-SS8M-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8SOICAT30TS74-SS8M-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8SOICDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C1574 - Immediate
AT30TS74-SS8M-T product page link
AT30TS74-UFM10-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPAT30TS74-UFM10-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 4WLCSPDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C1032 - Immediate
AT30TS74-UFM10-T product page link
AT30TS74-XM8M-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8MSOPAT30TS74-XM8M-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8MSOPDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C2360 - Immediate
AT30TS74-XM8M-T product page link
AT30TSE002B-MAH-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8WDFNAT30TSE002B-MAH-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8WDFNDigital, Local-20°C ~ 125°C7322 - Immediate
AT30TSE002B-MAH-T product page link
AT30TSE002A-MAH-T datasheet linkSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8WDFNAT30TSE002A-MAH-TSENSOR TEMP I2C/SMBUS 8WDFNDigital, Local-20°C ~ 125°C4707 - Immediate
AT30TSE002A-MAH-T product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-08-18