Board-Level Transistor Heat Sink

Board-Level Transistor Heat Sink Overview

Assmann WSW Components

The purpose of this presentation is to explain why a heat sink is often required, how to choose an appropriate heat sink, and the different types of heat sinks and heat sink accessories offered by ASSMANN WSW components.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
V2017B datasheet linkHEATSINK ANOD ALUM CPUV2017BHEATSINK ANOD ALUM CPUTop Mount11470 - Immediate
V2017B product page link
V7235-T datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 19.05x9.52MMV7235-THEATSINK TO-220 19.05x9.52MMBoard Level4792 - Immediate
V7235-T product page link
V7236B1 datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 19.05X13.21MMV7236B1HEATSINK TO-220 19.05X13.21MMBoard Level3046 - Immediate
V7236B1 product page link
V8508A datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 19X12.80MMV8508AHEATSINK TO-220 19X12.80MMBoard Level9448 - Immediate
V8508A product page link
V8508G datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 15X12.8MMV8508GHEATSINK TO-220 15X12.8MMBoard Level6313 - Immediate
V8508G product page link
V5618A datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5618AHEATSINK ALUM ANODTop Mount4376 - Immediate
V5618A product page link
V-1100-SMD/B datasheet linkHEAT SINK ALUM DPAK TO-252V-1100-SMD/BHEAT SINK ALUM DPAK TO-252Top Mount3091 - Immediate
V-1100-SMD/B product page link
V5629W220 datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5629W220HEATSINK ALUM ANODBoard Level, Vertical9797 - Immediate
V5629W220 product page link
V4330N datasheet linkHEATSINK ANOD ALUM TO-220V4330NHEATSINK ANOD ALUM TO-220Top Mount1854 - Immediate
V4330N product page link
V8813X datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220/TOP-3/SOT-32V8813XHEATSINK TO-220/TOP-3/SOT-32Board Level, Vertical1675 - Immediate
V8813X product page link
V5583K datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5583KHEATSINK ALUM ANODTop Mount384 - Immediate
V5583K product page link
V5359 datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5359HEATSINK ALUM ANODTop Mount3670 - Immediate
V5359 product page link
V5816 datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5816HEATSINK ALUM ANODTop Mount3957 - Immediate
V5816 product page link
V7236A1 datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 19.05X13.21MMV7236A1HEATSINK TO-220 19.05X13.21MMBoard Level1160 - Immediate
V7236A1 product page link
V2110B datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-126 13.20X19.68MMV2110BHEATSINK TO-126 13.20X19.68MMBoard Level, Vertical8656 - Immediate
V2110B product page link
V2109B datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 29.97X25.40MMV2109BHEATSINK TO-220 29.97X25.40MMBoard Level2656 - Immediate
V2109B product page link
V5583C datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV5583CHEATSINK ALUM ANODTop Mount202 - Immediate
V5583C product page link
V2007B datasheet linkHEATSINK TO-220 17.78X44.45MMV2007BHEATSINK TO-220 17.78X44.45MMBoard Level2954 - Immediate
V2007B product page link
V7236C1 datasheet linkHEATSINK ALUM ANODV7236C1HEATSINK ALUM ANODBoard Level438 - Immediate
V7236C1 product page link
V8508H datasheet linkHEAT SINK ANOD ALUM TO-220V8508HHEAT SINK ANOD ALUM TO-220Board Level, Vertical937 - Immediate
V8508H product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-05-06