LPS100 Power Supply

LPS100 Series AC-DC Power Supply

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

This tutorial will cover the electrical specifications as well as discuss important features of this series.  Additionally, it will show possible application examples for the LPS100 series.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LPS105-M datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100WLPS105-MAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W171 - Immediate
LPS105-M product page link
LPS103-M datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 100WLPS103-MAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 100W168 - Immediate
LPS103-M product page link
LPS104-M datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 15V 100WLPS104-MAC/DC CONVERTER 15V 100W66 - Immediate
LPS104-M product page link
LPS108-M datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 100WLPS108-MAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 100W189 - Immediate
LPS108-M product page link
70-841-025 datasheet linkLPS100-M CONNECTOR KIT70-841-025LPS100-M CONNECTOR KIT7 - Immediate
70-841-025 product page link
LPS102-M datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 5V 80WLPS102-MAC/DC CONVERTER 5V 80W0LPS102-M product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-06