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APM Hexseal

This tutorial will review the different types of environmental seals available for toggle, pushbutton, rotary, rocker and circuit breaker switches. The presentation will also discuss various applications they can be used in.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
60064 product page link
C1132/20 datasheet linkBOOT HALF TOGGLE 15/32-32NS BLKC1132/20BOOT HALF TOGGLE 15/32-32NS BLK2152 - Immediate
C1132/20 product page link
C1131/28 datasheet linkBOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32 BLACKC1131/28BOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32 BLACK1496 - Immediate
C1131/28 product page link
N9030X1/4 2 datasheet linkBOOT ROTARY SHAFT 3/8-32NEF GRAYN9030X1/4 2BOOT ROTARY SHAFT 3/8-32NEF GRAY1846 - Immediate
N9030X1/4 2 product page link
N1030 1 datasheet linkBOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32NS GRAYN1030 1BOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32NS GRAY8184 - Immediate
N1030 1 product page link
50154 25 datasheet linkBOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32 GRAY50154 25BOOT FULL TOGGLE 15/32-32 GRAY1496 - Immediate
50154 25 product page link
N1030B datasheet linkBOOT HALF TOGGLE 15/32-32NS GRAYN1030BBOOT HALF TOGGLE 15/32-32NS GRAY815 - Immediate
N1030B product page link
N5032B 1 datasheet linkBOOT HALF TOGGLE 1/4-40NS GRAYN5032B 1BOOT HALF TOGGLE 1/4-40NS GRAY2311 - Immediate
N5032B 1 product page link
N5030S 1 datasheet linkBOOT FULL TOGGLE 1/4-40NS GRAYN5030S 1BOOT FULL TOGGLE 1/4-40NS GRAY1781 - Immediate
N5030S 1 product page link
N5040G 2 datasheet linkBOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-32NS GRAYN5040G 2BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-32NS GRAY1290 - Immediate
N5040G 2 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-07-18