I Series Pushbutton Switch

I Series Pushbutton Switches


This presentation will provide a general overview of pushbutton switch functionality, available options, and a detailed look at the series that makes up the I Range family.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
ISR3SAD200 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.4A 32VISR3SAD200SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.4A 32VActiveStandard5857 - Immediate
16600 - Factory Stock
ISR3SAD200 product page link
IAR3F1200 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 2A 24VIAR3F1200SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 2A 24VActiveStandard493 - Immediate
2250 - Factory Stock
IAR3F1200 product page link
IAR3F1300 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 2A 24VIAR3F1300SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 2A 24VActiveStandard313 - Immediate
150 - Factory Stock
IAR3F1300 product page link
IPR3SAD2 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VIPR3SAD2SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VActiveStandard496 - Immediate
8175 - Factory Stock
IPR3SAD2 product page link
IPR3SAD6 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VIPR3SAD6SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VActiveStandard228 - Immediate
875 - Factory Stock
IPR3SAD6 product page link
IPR1SAD2 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 4A 12VIPR1SAD2SWITCH PUSHBUTTON SPST 4A 12VActiveStandard252 - Immediate
1400 - Factory Stock
IPR1SAD2 product page link
IPR5SAD2 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPDT 0.5A 48VIPR5SAD2SWITCH PUSH SPDT 0.5A 48VActiveStandard471 - Immediate
IPR5SAD2 product page link
IPR3FAD2 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VIPR3FAD2SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VActiveStandard1230 - Immediate
5275 - Factory Stock
IPR3FAD2 product page link
ISR3SAD600 datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.4A 32VISR3SAD600SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.4A 32VActiveStandard369 - Immediate
1775 - Factory Stock
ISR3SAD600 product page link
IPR3SAD2L0G datasheet linkSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VIPR3SAD2L0GSWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.5A 48VActiveStandard, Illuminated666 - Immediate
1150 - Factory Stock
IPR3SAD2L0G product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-05-10