PTC thermistors

PTC Thermistors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors

This module will outline the characteristics of PTC thermistors, the difference between PTC and NTC and the various PTC applications and uses.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
YQS5749PTOTHERMISTOR PTC 50 OHM 70C10863 - Immediate
YQS8065THERMISTOR PTC OCP 20 OHM 25C3465 - Immediate
YQS5925PTOTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%9642 - Immediate
YM120D260N150THERMISTOR PTC OCP 15 OHM 25C8568 - Immediate
YQS5898PTOTHERMISTOR PTC 25 OHM 110C4243 - Immediate
YQS5750PTOTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%3155 - Immediate
YQS5751PTOTHERMISTOR PTC 50 OHM 100C1410 - Immediate
YS5869PTFTHERMISTOR PTC RESET FUSE +/-20%1500 - Immediate
YQS6000THERMISTOR PTC 10 OHM 120C3122 - Immediate
YM120C15N182THERMISTOR PTC OCP 1800 OHM 25C1505 - Immediate
YQS5878PTFTHERMISTOR PTC RESET FUSE +/-20%3213 - Immediate
YM120D370N100THERMISTOR PTC OCP 10 OHM 25C2722 - Immediate
YS5675THERMISTOR PTC RESET FUSE +/-20%1500 - Immediate
YS5921PTOTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%1313 - Immediate
YQS5934PTOTHERMISTOR PTC 5K OHM 100C1426 - Immediate
YQD100N1000THERMISTOR PTC OCP 1000 OHM 25C1376 - Immediate
YQS5868PTFTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%1787 - Immediate
YQS5855PTFTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%1104 - Immediate
YQD080N0050THERMISTOR PTC OCP 50 OHM 25C935 - Immediate
YS5918PTOTHERMISTOR PTC STANDARD +/-30%1843 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-01-14