Inrush Current Limiter

Inrush Current Limiters Overview


This tutorial will provide an overview of Inrush Current Limiters, what they are used for, how they operate, along with common  applications.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingR @ 25°CToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SL10 10003CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 10 OHM 3ABulk10 Ohm±15%5678 - Immediate
SL12 10006CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 10 OHM 6ABulk10 Ohm±20%12230 - Immediate
SL12 50002CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 50 OHM 2ABulk50 Ohm±20%1225 - Immediate
SL15 60002CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 60 OHM 2ABulk60 Ohm±20%10765 - Immediate
SL15 5R007CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 5 OHM 7ABulk5.0 Ohm±20%9932 - Immediate
SL22 1R020CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 1 OHM 20ABulk1.0 Ohm±20%45546 - Immediate
SL22 10008CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 10 OHM 8ABulk10 Ohm±20%13900 - Immediate
SL22 4R014CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 4 OHM 14ABulk4.0 Ohm±20%13200 - Immediate
SL22 50004CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 50 OHM 4ABulk50 Ohm±20%13142 - Immediate
SL22 20007CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 20 OHM 7ABulk20 Ohm±25%11631 - Immediate
SL22 10009CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 10 OHM 9ABulk10 Ohm±20%9544 - Immediate
SL22 2R515CURRENT LIMITR INRSH 2.5 OHM 15ABulk2.5 Ohm±20%9183 - Immediate
SL22 2R018CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 2 OHM 18ABulk2.0 Ohm±20%7046 - Immediate
SL22 0R712CURRENT LIMITER INRSH .7 OHM 12ABulk0.7 Ohm±25%5402 - Immediate
SL22 12103CURRENT LIMITER INRSH 120 OHM 3ABulk120 Ohm±25%3707 - Immediate
SL22 7R010CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 7 OHM 10ABulk7.0 Ohm±20%2009 - Immediate
SL32 5R020CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 5 OHM 20ABulk5.0 Ohm±20%20512 - Immediate
SL32 2R025CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 2 OHM 25ABulk2.0 Ohm±20%17934 - Immediate
SL32 10015CURRENT LIMITER INRSH 10 OHM 15ABulk10 Ohm±20%7825 - Immediate
SL32 2R023CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 2 OHM 23ABulk2.0 Ohm±20%5033 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-03-11