NTC Thermistor Transformer Protection

Describing Transformer Protection from Inrush Current Using the NTC Thermistors


This tutorial will provide a problem statement describing the inrush current situation and then provide selection criteria to help chose the correct NTC thermistor for the application.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingR @ 25°CToleranceAvailable Quantity
ICL 10 OHM 15% 3A 9.5MMSL10 10003ICL 10 OHM 15% 3A 9.5MMBulk10 Ohm±15%10851 - Immediate
SL10 10003 product page link
ICL 10 OHM 20% 6A 12MMSL12 10006ICL 10 OHM 20% 6A 12MMBulk10 Ohm±20%16926 - Immediate
SL12 10006 product page link
ICL 5 OHM 20% 7A 15MMSL15 5R007ICL 5 OHM 20% 7A 15MMBulk5.0 Ohm±20%8606 - Immediate
SL15 5R007 product page link
ICL 60 OHM 20% 2A 15MMSL15 60002ICL 60 OHM 20% 2A 15MMBulk60 Ohm±20%2512 - Immediate
SL15 60002 product page link
ICL 1 OHM 20% 20A 22MMSL22 1R020ICL 1 OHM 20% 20A 22MMBulk1.0 Ohm±20%24077 - Immediate
SL22 1R020 product page link
ICL 2.5 OHM 20% 15A 22MMSL22 2R515ICL 2.5 OHM 20% 15A 22MMBulk2.5 Ohm±20%21543 - Immediate
SL22 2R515 product page link
ICL 2 OHM 20% 18A 22MMSL22 2R018ICL 2 OHM 20% 18A 22MMBulk2.0 Ohm±20%15382 - Immediate
SL22 2R018 product page link
ICL 5 OHM 15% 12A 22MMSL22 5R012ICL 5 OHM 15% 12A 22MMBulk5.0 Ohm±15%15132 - Immediate
SL22 5R012 product page link
ICL 4 OHM 20% 14A 22MMSL22 4R014ICL 4 OHM 20% 14A 22MMBulk4.0 Ohm±20%11618 - Immediate
SL22 4R014 product page link
ICL 10 OHM 20% 8A 22MMSL22 10008ICL 10 OHM 20% 8A 22MMBulk10 Ohm±20%6821 - Immediate
SL22 10008 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-08-30