Battery Precharge schematic

Battery Precharge Overview


This presentation will provide why there is an inrush current problem in battery circuits, what inrush current can cause, a suggested pre-charge circuit to limit inrush Current with Ametherm Thermistor and how to select this thermistor.   

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MS32 5R020 datasheet linkICL 5 OHM 25% 20A 30MMMS32 5R020ICL 5 OHM 25% 20A 30MM5483 - Immediate
MS32 5R020 product page link
MS32 10015 datasheet linkICL 10 OHM 25% 15A 30MMMS32 10015ICL 10 OHM 25% 15A 30MM3949 - Immediate
MS32 10015 product page link
MS32 20010 datasheet linkICL 20 OHM 25% 10A 30MMMS32 20010ICL 20 OHM 25% 10A 30MM104 - Immediate
MS32 20010 product page link
AS32 2R025 datasheet linkICL 2 OHM 25% 25A 30MMAS32 2R025ICL 2 OHM 25% 25A 30MM3728 - Immediate
AS32 2R025 product page link
MS35 5R025 datasheet linkICL 5 OHM 25A 35MMMS35 5R025ICL 5 OHM 25A 35MM4581 - Immediate
MS35 5R025 product page link
MS35 2R035 datasheet linkICL 2 OHM 35A 35MMMS35 2R035ICL 2 OHM 35A 35MM1475 - Immediate
MS35 2R035 product page link
MS32 2R025 datasheet linkICL 2 OHM 25% 25A 30MMMS32 2R025ICL 2 OHM 25% 25A 30MM454 - Immediate
MS32 2R025 product page link
MS32 20008 datasheet linkICL 20 OHM 25% 8A 30MMMS32 20008ICL 20 OHM 25% 8A 30MM297 - Immediate
MS32 20008 product page link
MS35 3R030 datasheet linkICL 3 OHM 30A 35MMMS35 3R030ICL 3 OHM 30A 35MM312 - Immediate
MS35 3R030 product page link
MS35 10018 datasheet linkICL 10 OHM 18A 35MMMS35 10018ICL 10 OHM 18A 35MM18 - Immediate
MS35 10018 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-10-15