Cable Grips

Cable Grip Overview

American Electrical Inc

The purpose of this presentation is to provide technical information regarding the application, specification and usage of Cable Grips. It will discuss the attributes of a cable grip, the three types of threads, the sizing and specification of a cable grip for an application.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
CABLE GRIP BLACK 2.5-6.5MM1545.07.06CABLE GRIP BLACK 2.5-6.5MM8430 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP GRAY 2.5-6.5MM1555.07.06CABLE GRIP GRAY 2.5-6.5MM4047 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP BLACK 3-8MM1545.09.08CABLE GRIP BLACK 3-8MM1888 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP BLACK 3-8MM1545.N0375.08CABLE GRIP BLACK 3-8MM2220 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP BLACK 5.5-12MM1545.N0500.12CABLE GRIP BLACK 5.5-12MM3325 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP GRAY 5.5-12MM1555.N0500.12CABLE GRIP GRAY 5.5-12MM1812 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP BLACK 2-7MM1545.11.07CABLE GRIP BLACK 2-7MM333 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP BLACK 5.5-12MM1545.13.12CABLE GRIP BLACK 5.5-12MM596 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP GRAY 5.5-12MM1555.13.12CABLE GRIP GRAY 5.5-12MM368 - Immediate
CABLE GRIP GRAY 3-7MM1555.N0500.07CABLE GRIP GRAY 3-7MM166 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-22