VHB Tape

VHB™ Tape


This tutorial introduces 3M's VHB tape product line and discuss its features and some typical electronics applications.
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VHB 4905 Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
4905-1"X72YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 1"X 72YD6 - Immediate
12X12-6-4905TAPE VHB CLEAR 12X12" GEN18 - Immediate
2-5-4905TAPE VHB CLEAR 2" GEN PURPOSE15 - Immediate
4905-1/2"X72YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 1/2"X72YD15 - Immediate
1/2-5-4905TAPE VHB CLEAR 1/2" GEN PURPOSE14 - Immediate
3M 4905 CIRCLE-0.5"-2503M 4905 VHB 1/2" CIR - 250/PACK7 - Immediate
1-5-4905TAPE VHB CLEAR 1" GEN PURPOSE8 - Immediate
3M 4905 CIRCLE-1.5"-1003M 4905 VHB 1.5" CIR - 100/PACK30 - Immediate
3-5-4905TAPE VHB CLEAR 3" GEN PURPOSE8 - Immediate
4-5-4905TAPE GEN PURPOSE VHB 4"X5YD7 - Immediate
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VHB 4910 Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
4910 3/4"X15YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 3/4"X15YD16 - Immediate
4910-CLEAR-1/2"X36YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 1/2"X36YD10 - Immediate
4910-CLEAR-1"X36YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 1"X 36YD13 - Immediate
12X12-6-4910TAPE VHB CLEAR 12X12" GEN PURPOS22 - Immediate
2-5-4910TAPE VHB CLEAR 2" GEN PURPOSE7 - Immediate
3-5-4910TAPE VHB CLEAR 3" GEN PURPOSE5 - Immediate
1/2-5-4910TAPE VHB CLEAR 1/2" GEN PURPOSE7 - Immediate
3M 4910 CIRCLE-0.5"-2503M 4910 VHB 1/2" CIR - 250/PACK14 - Immediate
4910-1/2"X36YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC CLEAR 1/2"X36YD2 - Immediate
5-4910-1/2S3M 4910 VHB 1/2" SQ - 5/PACK4 - Immediate
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VHB 5952 Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
5952 3/4"X15YDTAPE DBL COATED H-DUTY 3/4"X15YD37 - Immediate
5952-1/2"X36YDTAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 1/2"X 36YD40 - Immediate
5952 1"X36YDTAPE DBL COATED H-DUTY 1"X36YD15 - Immediate
1/2-5-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 1/2" X 5YD9 - Immediate
12X12-6-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 12X12"10 - Immediate
1-5-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 1" X 5YD6 - Immediate
3-5-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 3" X 5YD3 - Immediate
3/4-5-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 3/4"X 5YD5 - Immediate
2-5-5952TAPE VHB ACRYLIC FOAM 2" X 5YD2 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13