twin axial cable assembly

Twin Axial Cable Assembly for PCI Express Extended Card Applications


In this presentation 3M will provide an overview of the applications, signal integrity, and an overview of the Riser Cards and Extender Cables.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1410-P-11-00-1.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/1M1410-P-11-00-1.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/1M135 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-1.00 product page link
1410-P-11-00-2.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2M1410-P-11-00-2.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2M161 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-2.00 product page link
1410-P-11-00-0.50 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5M1410-P-11-00-0.50CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5M87 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-0.50 product page link
1410-P-11-00-3.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3M1410-P-11-00-3.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3M45 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-3.00 product page link
1410-P-11-00-4.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4M1410-P-11-00-4.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4M77 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-4.00 product page link
1410-P-11-00-5.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5M1410-P-11-00-5.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5M90 - Immediate
1410-P-11-00-5.00 product page link
6A22-A0421-003.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 3M6A22-A0421-003.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 3M6 - Immediate
6A22-A0421-003.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-004.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 4M6A22-A0421-004.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 4M5 - Immediate
6A22-A0421-004.0-0 product page link
1410-P-17-00-0.50 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5M1410-P-17-00-0.50CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/.5M01410-P-17-00-0.50 product page link
1410-P-17-00-1.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/1M1410-P-17-00-1.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/1M01410-P-17-00-1.00 product page link
1410-P-17-00-2.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2M1410-P-17-00-2.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/2M01410-P-17-00-2.00 product page link
1410-P-17-00-3.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3M1410-P-17-00-3.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/3M01410-P-17-00-3.00 product page link
1410-P-17-00-4.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4M1410-P-17-00-4.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/4M01410-P-17-00-4.00 product page link
1410-P-17-00-5.00 datasheet linkCABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5M1410-P-17-00-5.00CABLE TWINAX/FLAT/SFP+ 30AWG/5M01410-P-17-00-5.00 product page link
6A22-A0421-002.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 2M6A22-A0421-002.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 2M06A22-A0421-002.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-005.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 5M6A22-A0421-005.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 5M06A22-A0421-005.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-010.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 10M6A22-A0421-010.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 10M06A22-A0421-010.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-015.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15M6A22-A0421-015.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 15M06A22-A0421-015.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-020.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 20M6A22-A0421-020.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 20M06A22-A0421-020.0-0 product page link
6A22-A0421-025.0-0 datasheet linkQSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 25M6A22-A0421-025.0-0QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH PLEN OM2+ 25M06A22-A0421-025.0-0 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-03-07