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Tapes "PSA Technology 101"


This tutorial presents an overview of 3Ms pressure sensitive adhesive technology including its different types and compositions, testing techniques, and choice of the proper product for an application.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTape TypeAdhesiveAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1/2-5-468MPTAPE TRANSFER ADH+G28SIVE 1/2" XAdhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 200MP112 - Immediate
12X12-6-468MPTAPE TRANSFER ADHESIVE 12X12"Adhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 200MP346 - Immediate
1/2-5-9495LETAPE ADHSIVE TRANSFER 1/2" X 5YDDouble Coated, Double SidedAcrylic, 300LSE1571 - Immediate
9786TAPE DBL COATED 9786 8.5"X8.5"Double Coated, Double SidedAcrylic, 300MP473 - Immediate
F9469PC 3/8"X60YDTRANSFER TAPE 9469PC 3/8" X 60YDAdhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 100MP83 - Immediate
468MP 3/4"X60YDTRANSFER TAPE 468MP 3/4" X 60YDAdhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 200MP62 - Immediate
9495LE 3/4"X60YDTAPE DBL COATED 9495LE 3/4"X60YDDouble Coated, Double SidedAcrylic, 300LSE16 - Immediate
6-5-F9469PCTAPE VHB ADHESIVE TRANS 6"X5YDAdhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 100MP59 - Immediate
12X12-6-9490LETAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 12X12"Double Coated, Double SidedAcrylic, 300LSE; Acrylic, 300MP80 - Immediate
12X12-6-F9469PCTRANSFER TAPE VHB 12X12"Adhesive Transfer TapeAcrylic, 100MP92 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13