Mini D Ribbon connector

Mini Delta Ribbon Connector System


This tutorial will discuss the popular Mini Delta Ribbon connector system, its attributes, uses and applications.
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Mini Delta Ribbon Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConfigurationLengthCable TypeAvailable Quantity
14526-EZ5B-100-02C datasheet linkCABLE ASSY 26POS MDR-MDR PLUG 1M14526-EZ5B-100-02CCABLE ASSY 26POS MDR-MDR PLUG 1MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige158 - Immediate
14526-EZ5B-100-02C product page link
14B26-SZ3B-500-04C datasheet linkMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 5M14B26-SZ3B-500-04CMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 5MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male16.40' (5.0m)Round, Black36 - Immediate
14B26-SZ3B-500-04C product page link
14H26-SZ3M-500-04C datasheet linkMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-RA/M 5M14H26-SZ3M-500-04CMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-RA/M 5MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male, Right Angle16.40' (5.0m)Round, Black34 - Immediate
14H26-SZ3M-500-04C product page link
4926-0101 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 1.0M4926-0101CABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 1.0MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige94 - Immediate
4926-0101 product page link
14B26-SZ3B-200-03C datasheet linkMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 2M14B26-SZ3B-200-03CMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 2MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male6.56' (2.00m)Round, Gray55 - Immediate
14B26-SZ3B-200-03C product page link
4120-4120-06-B datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 36POS M-M 6FT4120-4120-06-BCABLE ASSY MDR 36POS M-M 6FTCentronics 36 pos Male to Male6.00' (1.83m)Round, Beige67 - Immediate
4120-4120-06-B product page link
14T50-SZWB-100-0NC datasheet linkCABLE ASSY 50POS MDR-MDR PLUG 1M14T50-SZWB-100-0NCCABLE ASSY 50POS MDR-MDR PLUG 1MCentronics 50 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige20 - Immediate
14T50-SZWB-100-0NC product page link
14B26-SZ3B-A00-04C datasheet linkMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 10M14B26-SZ3B-A00-04CMDR CAMERA CABLE 26POS M-M 10MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male32.81' (10.0m)Round, Black3 - Immediate
14B26-SZ3B-A00-04C product page link
14520-EZAB-100-0EC datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 20POS M-M 1.0M14520-EZAB-100-0ECCABLE ASSY MDR 20POS M-M 1.0MCentronics 20 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige7 - Immediate
14520-EZAB-100-0EC product page link
14526-EZ5B-050-02C datasheet linkCBLE ASSY 26POS MDR-MDR PLUG .5M14526-EZ5B-050-02CCBLE ASSY 26POS MDR-MDR PLUG .5MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male1.64' (500.00mm)Round, Beige17 - Immediate
14526-EZ5B-050-02C product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsFeaturesAvailable Quantity
3829 datasheet linkTOOL HAND PRESS MDR CONNECTORS3829TOOL HAND PRESS MDR CONNECTORSHand Press, TerminatorMini D Ribbon (MDR) Connectors-03829 product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-10-13