Adhesive tape

Laminating Adhesive Families


An overview is presented of 3M's pressure sensitive adhesive tech including its different types and compositions, testing techniques, and proper product applications.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTape TypeAvailable Quantity
12X12-6-468MP datasheet linkTAPE TRANSFER ADHESIVE 12X12"12X12-6-468MPTAPE TRANSFER ADHESIVE 12X12"ActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape434 - Immediate
12X12-6-468MP product page link
F9469PC 3/8"X60YD datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE 9469PC 3/8" X 60YDF9469PC 3/8"X60YDTRANSFER TAPE 9469PC 3/8" X 60YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape117 - Immediate
F9469PC 3/8"X60YD product page link
1/2-5-9495MP datasheet linkTAPE ADHSIVE TRANSFER 1/2" X 5YD1/2-5-9495MPTAPE ADHSIVE TRANSFER 1/2" X 5YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided158 - Immediate
1/2-5-9495MP product page link
1/2-5-9495LE datasheet linkTAPE ADHSIVE TRANSFER 1/2" X 5YD1/2-5-9495LETAPE ADHSIVE TRANSFER 1/2" X 5YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided845 - Immediate
1/2-5-9495LE product page link
12X12-6-9495LE datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRNSFR 12X12"12X12-6-9495LETAPE ADHESIVE TRNSFR 12X12"ActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided243 - Immediate
12X12-6-9495LE product page link
1/2-5-F9469PC datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE VHB 1/2" X 5YD1/2-5-F9469PCTRANSFER TAPE VHB 1/2" X 5YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape160 - Immediate
1/2-5-F9469PC product page link
2-5-9495LE datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 2" X 5YD2-5-9495LETAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 2" X 5YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided122 - Immediate
2-5-9495LE product page link
9495MP datasheet linkTAPE DBL COATED 9495MP 1X60 YD9495MPTAPE DBL COATED 9495MP 1X60 YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided114 - Immediate
9495MP product page link
TAPE DBL COATED 9786 8.5"X8.5"9786TAPE DBL COATED 9786 8.5"X8.5"DiscontinuedDouble Coated, Double Sided443 - Immediate
9786 product page link
1/2-5-468MP datasheet linkTAPE TRANSFER ADH+G28SIVE 1/2" X1/2-5-468MPTAPE TRANSFER ADH+G28SIVE 1/2" XActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape93 - Immediate
1/2-5-468MP product page link
12X12-6-9495MP datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 12X12"12X12-6-9495MPTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 12X12"ActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided74 - Immediate
12X12-6-9495MP product page link
12X12-6-9490LE datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 12X12"12X12-6-9490LETAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 12X12"ActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided51 - Immediate
12X12-6-9490LE product page link
12X12-6-F9469PC datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE VHB 12X12"12X12-6-F9469PCTRANSFER TAPE VHB 12X12"ActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape64 - Immediate
12X12-6-F9469PC product page link
3-5-468MP datasheet linkTAPE TRANSFER ADHESIVE 3" X 5YD3-5-468MPTAPE TRANSFER ADHESIVE 3" X 5YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape36 - Immediate
3-5-468MP product page link
4-5-468MP datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 4"X5YD4-5-468MPTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 4"X5YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape29 - Immediate
4-5-468MP product page link
3-5-9495LE datasheet linkTAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 3" X 5YD3-5-9495LETAPE ADHESIVE TRANSFER 3" X 5YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided19 - Immediate
3-5-9495LE product page link
468MP 3/4"X60YD datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE 468MP 3/4" X 60YD468MP 3/4"X60YDTRANSFER TAPE 468MP 3/4" X 60YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape43 - Immediate
468MP 3/4"X60YD product page link
2-5-F9469PC datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE VHB 2" X 5YD2-5-F9469PCTRANSFER TAPE VHB 2" X 5YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape9 - Immediate
2-5-F9469PC product page link
9495LE 3/4"X60YD datasheet linkTAPE DBL COATED 9495LE 3/4"X60YD9495LE 3/4"X60YDTAPE DBL COATED 9495LE 3/4"X60YDActiveDouble Coated, Double Sided46 - Immediate
9495LE 3/4"X60YD product page link
3-5-F9469PC datasheet linkTRANSFER TAPE VHB 3" X 5YD3-5-F9469PCTRANSFER TAPE VHB 3" X 5YDActiveAdhesive Transfer Tape15 - Immediate
3-5-F9469PC product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13