Input/Output Connector

Input/Output Connector Systems Primer


This tutorial will discuss the popular 3M Input/Output or I/O interconnects, their attributes, uses, and applications.

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MDR Connector

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
10226-1A10PE datasheet linkCONN RECEPT 26POS R/A .050" SMD10226-1A10PECONN RECEPT 26POS R/A .050" SMD170 - Immediate
10226-1A10PE product page link
10220-2210PE datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 20POS VERT RECPT10220-2210PECONN MINI-D 20POS VERT RECPT629 - Immediate
10220-2210PE product page link
N10226-6212PC datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 26POS RECPTN10226-6212PCCONN MINI-D 26POS RECPT178 - Immediate
N10226-6212PC product page link
10226-2200PE datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 26POS VERT RECPT10226-2200PECONN MINI-D 26POS VERT RECPT314 - Immediate
10226-2200PE product page link
10220-6212PL datasheet linkCONN MDR SCKT 20POS PC MNT10220-6212PLCONN MDR SCKT 20POS PC MNT201 - Immediate
10220-6212PL product page link
10250-M218PE datasheet linkCONN MDR RCPT 50POS R/A M2.5 AU10250-M218PECONN MDR RCPT 50POS R/A M2.5 AU89 - Immediate
10250-M218PE product page link
10226-55H3PC datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 26POS R/A RECPT10226-55H3PCCONN MINI-D 26POS R/A RECPT44 - Immediate
10226-55H3PC product page link
10236-2200PE datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 36POS VERT RECPT10236-2200PECONN MINI-D 36POS VERT RECPT94 - Immediate
10236-2200PE product page link
10250-55F3PC datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 50POS R/A RECPT10250-55F3PCCONN MINI-D 50POS R/A RECPT95 - Immediate
10250-55F3PC product page link
10226-2210PE datasheet linkCONN MINI-D 26POS RECPT SMT10226-2210PECONN MINI-D 26POS RECPT SMT010226-2210PE product page link
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MDR Cable Assembly

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConfigurationLengthCable TypeAvailable Quantity
14T26-SZLB-300-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 3METER14T26-SZLB-300-0LCCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 3METERCentronics 26 pos Male to Male9.84' (3.00m)Round, Beige30 - Immediate
14T26-SZLB-300-0LC product page link
1MD26-3560-00C-200 datasheet linkCABLE POCL SDR MDR 200CM GRAY1MD26-3560-00C-200CABLE POCL SDR MDR 200CM GRAYCentronics 26 pos Male to Male6.56' (2.00m)Round, Gray68 - Immediate
1MD26-3560-00C-200 product page link
4926-0101 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 1.0M4926-0101CABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 1.0MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige94 - Immediate
4926-0101 product page link
4120-4120-06-B datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 36POS M-M 6FT4120-4120-06-BCABLE ASSY MDR 36POS M-M 6FTCentronics 36 pos Male to Male6.00' (1.83m)Round, Beige73 - Immediate
4120-4120-06-B product page link
14T26-SZLB-100-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 1METER14T26-SZLB-100-0LCCABLE ASSEM CAMERA LINK 1METERCentronics 26 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige30 - Immediate
14T26-SZLB-100-0LC product page link
14520-EZAB-100-0EC datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 20POS M-M 1.0M14520-EZAB-100-0ECCABLE ASSY MDR 20POS M-M 1.0MCentronics 20 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round, Beige7 - Immediate
14520-EZAB-100-0EC product page link
14B26-SZLB-050-0LC datasheet linkCABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 0.5M14B26-SZLB-050-0LCCABLE ASSY MDR 26POS M-M 0.5MCentronics 26 pos Male to Male1.64' (500.00mm)Round, Beige13 - Immediate
14B26-SZLB-050-0LC product page link
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.41-44-P1 datasheet link14POS MDR ASSY .5M W/THUMBSCREWSR M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.41-44-P114POS MDR ASSY .5M W/THUMBSCREWSCentronics 14 pos Male to Male1.64' (500.00mm)Round40 - Immediate
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.41-44-P1 product page link
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.91-44-P1 datasheet link14POS MDR ASSY 1M W/THUMBSCREWSR M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.91-44-P114POS MDR ASSY 1M W/THUMBSCREWSCentronics 14 pos Male to Male3.28' (1.00m)Round50 - Immediate
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-0.91-44-P1 product page link
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-1.91-44-P1 datasheet link14POS MDR ASSY 2M W/THUMBSCREWSR M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-1.91-44-P114POS MDR ASSY 2M W/THUMBSCREWSCentronics 14 pos Male to Male6.56' (2.00m)Round20 - Immediate
R M1 M1-R6R6-014-362-1.91-44-P1 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13