IDC Wiremount Connectors

IDC Wiremount Connectors Primer


This tutorial discusses the popular IDC wiremount connectors, their attributes, uses and applicationsYou would place your rich text here.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
3368-0001 datasheet linkCARD EDGE CONN 16POS W/O FLANGE3368-0001CARD EDGE CONN 16POS W/O FLANGE395 - Immediate
3368-0001 product page link
3358-0001 datasheet linkCARD EDGE CONN 10POS W/O FLANGE3358-0001CARD EDGE CONN 10POS W/O FLANGE1235 - Immediate
3358-0001 product page link
3448-53 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 16 POS3448-53STRAIN RELIEF 16 POS1064 - Immediate
3448-53 product page link
3448-59 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 64 POS3448-59STRAIN RELIEF 64 POS453 - Immediate
3448-59 product page link
3448-55 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 26 POS3448-55STRAIN RELIEF 26 POS33 - Immediate
3448-55 product page link
3448-56 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 34 POS3448-56STRAIN RELIEF 34 POS6 - Immediate
3448-56 product page link
3448-52 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 10 POS3448-52STRAIN RELIEF 10 POS03448-52 product page link
3448-54 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 20 POS3448-54STRAIN RELIEF 20 POS03448-54 product page link
3448-57 datasheet linkSTRAIN RELIEF 40 POS3448-57STRAIN RELIEF 40 POS03448-57 product page link
3463-0041 datasheet linkCONN CARD EDGE POLAR KEY    34PO3463-0041CONN CARD EDGE POLAR KEY 34PO03463-0041 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2009-04-21