CFast connector

Connector for Removable Cfast Cards


This presentation will discuss 3M brand connectors for Cfast cards, highlighting their features and benefits for applications that use removable Cfast cards.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
N7G24-A0B2RA-00-0HT datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/AN7G24-A0B2RA-00-0HTCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/A2031 - Immediate
N7G24-A0B2RA-00-0HT product page link
N7G24-A0B2RA-10-0HT datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/AN7G24-A0B2RA-10-0HTCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/A3577 - Immediate
N7G24-A0B2RA-10-0HT product page link
N7G24-A0B2RB-10-0HT datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/AN7G24-A0B2RB-10-0HTCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/A1818 - Immediate
N7G24-A0B2RB-10-0HT product page link
N7G24-A0B2RB-00-0HT datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/AN7G24-A0B2RB-00-0HTCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PULL R/A2035 - Immediate
N7G24-A0B2RB-00-0HT product page link
7G24-B5A6-05 datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PUSH7G24-B5A6-05CONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PUSH1196 - Immediate
7G24-B5A6-05 product page link
7G24-B6A6-05 datasheet linkCONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PUSH7G24-B6A6-05CONN CFAST CARD PUSH-PUSH662 - Immediate
7G24-B6A6-05 product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-01-02