Ultra Hard Metric Connector

3M™ Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Connector


This tutorial will discuss a new 2mm hard metric connector that has been designed for speed and performance in next generation CompactPCI® applications that still support legacy equipment designs.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeConnector StyleAvailable QuantityBuy Now
UHM-S110B3-5AP1-TG30CONN SOCKET 110POS UHM TYPE BReceptacle, Female SocketsB 22220 - Immediate
UHM-S125B3-5AP1-TG30CONN SOCKET 125POS UHM TYPE BReceptacle, Female SocketsB 250
UHM-S200DE4-8AP1-TG30CONN SOCKET 200POS UHM TYPE BReceptacle, Female SocketsDE 250
UHM-S095B0-5AP1-TG30CONN SOCKET 95POS UHM TYPE BReceptacle, Female SocketsB 190
UHM-S110A3-5AP1-TG30CONN SOCKET 110POS UHM TYPE AReceptacle, Female SocketsA 220
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13