3M miniSAS

3M™ miniSAS


This tutorial will introduce the 3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) connector and explain it the features and benefits of this new connector.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector StyleAvailable Quantity
8A36-2030-LJ datasheet linkCONN MINI SAS 36POS R/A SMD8A36-2030-LJCONN MINI SAS 36POS R/A SMDReceptacle5975 - Immediate
8A36-2030-LJ product page link
8B36-2421 datasheet linkSHELL 36POS DUAL KEY R/A T-H8B36-2421SHELL 36POS DUAL KEY R/A T-HminiSAS Connectors1484 - Immediate
8B36-2421 product page link
8B36-1410 datasheet linkSHELL 36POS DUAL KEY VERT P-FIT8B36-1410SHELL 36POS DUAL KEY VERT P-FITminiSAS Connectors08B36-1410 product page link
8B36-1420 datasheet linkSHELL 36POS DUAL KEY VERT T-H8B36-1420SHELL 36POS DUAL KEY VERT T-HminiSAS Connectors08B36-1420 product page link
8B36-2411 datasheet linkSHELL 36POS DUAL KEY R/A P-FIT8B36-2411SHELL 36POS DUAL KEY R/A P-FITminiSAS Connectors08B36-2411 product page link
8C26-14000 datasheet linkSHELL 26POS SINGLE KEY 48C26-14000SHELL 26POS SINGLE KEY 4Cage08C26-14000 product page link
8A26-2030-LJ datasheet linkCONN MINI SAS 26POS R/A SMD8A26-2030-LJCONN MINI SAS 26POS R/A SMDReceptacle08A26-2030-LJ product page link
8A36-1030-LJ datasheet linkCONN MINI SAS 36POS VERT SMD8A36-1030-LJCONN MINI SAS 36POS VERT SMDReceptacle08A36-1030-LJ product page link
8C26-24400 datasheet linkSHELL 26POS DUAL KEY 48C26-24400SHELL 26POS DUAL KEY 4Cage08C26-24400 product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-04-22