3M Ribbon Cable Assembly

3M™ Cable Matters


This tutorial will discuss aspects to consider when choosing cables for an application, including electrical and construction attributes, citing examples from the 3M Company.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescription
M7KXK-1406J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14G/XM7KXK-1406JIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14G/XM7KXK-1406J product page link
M7UXK-1406J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14G/XM7UXK-1406JIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14G/XM7UXK-1406J product page link
M7KXK-1410J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14G/XM7KXK-1410JIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14G/XM7KXK-1410J product page link
M7UXK-1410J datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14G/XM7UXK-1410JIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14G/XM7UXK-1410J product page link
M7KXK-1406R datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14M/XM7KXK-1406RIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14M/XM7KXK-1406R product page link
M7KXK-1410R datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14M/XM7KXK-1410RIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14M/XM7KXK-1410R product page link
M7UXK-1406R datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14M/XM7UXK-1406RIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14M/XM7UXK-1406R product page link
M7UXK-1410R datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14M/XM7UXK-1410RIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14M/XM7UXK-1410R product page link
M7KXK-1405K datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14F/XM7KXK-1405KIDC CABLE - MDG14K/MC14F/XM7KXK-1405K product page link
M7UXK-1405K datasheet linkIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14F/XM7UXK-1405KIDC CABLE - MDN14K/MC14F/XM7UXK-1405K product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-30