3m 1552 series

3M™ 2mm Latch/Eject Header 1552 Series


The 3M™ 2mm Latch/Eject Header is an interconnect solution for wire-to-board applications.   This training module will review the features and benefits of this connector and describe some of its possible applications.

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1552 Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
155220-2300-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 20POS VERT SMT281 - Immediate
155212-6302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 12POS VERT .112"377 - Immediate
155220-6303-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 20POS VERT .155"1197 - Immediate
155220-6302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 20POS VERT .112"200 - Immediate
155220-5302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 20POS R/A .112"106 - Immediate
155240-6302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 40POS VERT .112"209 - Immediate
155250-6303-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 50POS VERT .155"550 - Immediate
3448-152244STRAIN RELIEF 44POS 2MM1035 - Immediate
3448-152210STRAIN RELIEF 10POS 2MM229 - Immediate
3448-152212STRAIN RELIEF 12POS 2MM125 - Immediate
155212-5302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 12POS R/A .112"244 - Immediate
155210-5303-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 10POS R/A .155"1000 - Immediate
155212-2300-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 12POS VERT SMT122 - Immediate
155226-6302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 26POS VERT .112"1582 - Immediate
155226-5302-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 26POS R/A .112"832 - Immediate
155250-2300-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 50POS VERT SMT175 - Immediate
3448-152226STRAIN RELIEF 26POS 2MM955 - Immediate
3448-152240STRAIN RELIEF 40POS 2MM107 - Immediate
155212-6303-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 12POS VERT .155"165 - Immediate
155212-5303-RBCONN HEADER 2MM 12POS R/A .155"940 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-29