Z8051 Development Kits

Zilog's toolset now offers seamless integration of the Keil® debugger

Image of Zilog's Z8051 ToolsetZilog introduces version 2.1 of its Z8051 MCU Development Tools. This new version of Zilog’s Z8051 toolset now offers seamless integration of the Keil® debugger with Zilog’s On-Chip Debugger, allowing users of the Keil® C51 tool to work in the Keil® environment without switching between the Keil® compiler and Zilog’s external OCD software.

Zilog’s Z8051 Software and Documentation package provides applications and documentation support for the Z8051 microcontroller, the Z8051 On-Chip Debugger and In-System Programmer, and the Z8051 development board. It includes sample applications, device drivers, and distribution of free, open-source Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) software development tools and header files. Zilog’s Z8051 microcontrollers and their related development toolsets are described in Zilog’s Z8051 product specifications, user guides and other required documentation. This documentation is packaged with the Z8051 Tools version 2.1 as a single file, available at no cost from the Zilog Store. 

Zilog’s Z8051 MCU products provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to a variety of embedded control applications. Development software is available from numerous third-party support centers, which often means no change to the development environments that design engineers are already using for their 8051 platforms.

Z8051 Toolset

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCore ProcessorAvailable Quantity
Z51F0410000KITG datasheet linkKIT DEV FOR Z51F0410Z51F0410000KITGKIT DEV FOR Z51F0410MCU 8-Bit80510Z51F0410000KITG product page link
Z51F3221000ZCOG datasheet linkKIT DEV FOR Z51F3221Z51F3221000ZCOGKIT DEV FOR Z51F3221MCU 8-Bit80510Z51F3221000ZCOG product page link
Z51F6412000ZCOG datasheet linkKIT DEV FOR Z51F6412Z51F6412000ZCOGKIT DEV FOR Z51F6412MCU 8-Bit80510Z51F6412000ZCOG product page link
Published: 2013-02-19