Virtex®-6 FPGA

Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA features a series with high-performance silicon foundation

Image of Xilinx's Virtex®-6 FPGAThe Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA family is the high-performance silicon foundation for Targeted Design Platforms. Consuming 50% lower power and delivering 20% lower cost than the previous generation, the new family is built with the right mix of programmability, integrated blocks for DSP, memory, and connectivity support - including high-speed transceiver capabilities - to satisfy the insatiable demand for higher bandwidth and higher performance.

Virtex-6 FPGA

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LABs/CLBsNumber of Logic Elements/CellsTotal RAM BitsAvailable Quantity
IC FPGA 240 I/O 484FCBGAXC6VLX75T-1FFG484CIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FCBGA582074496575078449 - Immediate
XC6VLX75T-1FFG484C product page link
IC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGAXC6VLX75T-2FFG784CIC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGA582074496575078437 - Immediate
XC6VLX75T-2FFG784C product page link
IC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGAXC6VLX75T-1FFG784CIC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGA582074496575078415 - Immediate
XC6VLX75T-1FFG784C product page link
IC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGAXC6VLX240T-1FFG1156CIC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGA18840241152153354248 - Immediate
XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156C product page link
IC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGAXC6VLX75T-L1FFG784CIC FPGA 360 I/O 784FCBGA58207449657507840XC6VLX75T-L1FFG784C product page link
IC FPGA 400 I/O 784FCBGAXC6VLX130T-1FFG784CIC FPGA 400 I/O 784FCBGA1000012800097320960XC6VLX130T-1FFG784C product page link
IC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGAXC6VLX130T-1FFG1156CIC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGA1000012800097320960XC6VLX130T-1FFG1156C product page link
IC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGAXC6VLX240T-2FFG1156CIC FPGA 600 I/O 1156FCBGA18840241152153354240XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C product page link
DEV KIT EMBEDDED VIRTEX 6DK-V6-EMBD-G-JDEV KIT EMBEDDED VIRTEX 6FPGAVirtex® 6 LXT, XC6VLX240TBoard, Cables - Power Supply Not Included -0DK-V6-EMBD-G-J product page link
EMBEDDED KITDK-V6-EMBD-GEMBEDDED KITFPGAVirtex® 6 LXT, XC6VLX240TBoard, Cables, Power Supply0DK-V6-EMBD-G product page link
Published: 2013-09-24